Website Civic Health Project

Location: San Fransisco Bay Area or remote position


We are looking for a skilled and experienced Entrepreneur in Residence [formerly titled “Senior Program Manager,” in an earlier version of this post] to lead the assessment, development and promotion of Social Media Detoxifier, a civic tech platform demonstrating how AI and LLMs could have pro-social powers to reduce toxic division and foster social cohesion at massive scale, across social platforms.

This role is ideal for an experienced product manager, program manager, and / or tech startup type. Role is a one-year full time contract position (with potential to extend), working for a nonprofit organization. Compensation is negotiable, commensurate with nonprofit civic tech role, experience level, and geographic location. Can be local (SF Bay Area) or remote position. Excellent opportunity to deepen LLM skills and build relationships with expert technologists and scholars working in on pro-social applications of LLMs.

As Senior Program Manager (SPM), you could help transform how people interact about politics in social media. SM Detoxifier is an ambitious intervention using Large Language Models (LLMs) to mitigate the polarizing toxicity pervasive in social media conversations. With SMD, LLM-assisted human “detoxifiers” use powerful social interaction & persuasion techniques at scale, to redirect toxic social media conversations, reducing the adverse polarizing impact on the conversation’s audience.

SPM will lead the entire SM Detoxifier initiative, including sourcing, prioritizing and coordinating academic research resources, shaping & prioritizing SMD’s LLM feature and product roadmap, and leading implementation at large scale. You’ll be responsible for coordinating technical, academic & creative resources, to engage with advisors & investors, and ensuring the seamless integration of all components of the project.

Background on Social Media Detoxifier:

Social Media drives toxic political polarization, by allowing highly polarizing content to gain disproportionate visibility and impact on the audience. Social media platforms are not well positioned to address this, due to free speech and economic incentives. Talented human counterspeakers can join toxic conversations shifting them to a more constructive outcome, but this is difficult to scale given the sheer amount of toxic content.

Large Language models (LLMs), have abilities to understand nuanced text and generate custom responses, so could help these detoxifiers. CHP is incubating the Social Media Detoxifier (SMD), a project to deploy an team of human counterspeakers (aka “detoxifiers”), equipped with realtime toxic content discovery and enhanced by LLMs with a vast breadth of suggested intervention approaches, to depolarize social media audiences at large scale.


  • Spearhead the design and implementation of SM Detoxifier, including success criteria for proof of concept (PoC) and minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Harness social and persuasion science academic research and advisors to establish intervention approaches with optimal impact on SM conversations
  • Evaluate proposed LLM deployment strategies, to identify, reply and redirect toxic social media conversations, as proposed by software development collaborators
  • Partner with NGO bridging organizations to recruit teams of human detoxifiers that can test PoC and leverage SMD’s at scale in 2024
  • Engage and motivate commercial providers of complementary technology to advance SMD’s goals.


  • Product Leadership: Demonstrable success in launching, marketing, or managing sophisticated software-based products or services.
  • Strategic Thinker: Adept at articulating and evaluating complex scenarios with a keen consumer-behavior and commercial instinct.
  • Communication Mastery: Exceptional skills in both written and oral English communication.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Strong evidence of teamwork, collaboration, and leadership capabilities.
  • Ambitious Mindset: A relentless drive for success and leadership in entrepreneurial settings, with a particular focus on social impact.
  • Organizational Prowess: Highly organized, detail-oriented, and capable of multitasking in a fast-paced environment.
  • Persuasive Influencer: Ability to engage and inspire partners, customers, and investors effectively.
  • Educational Excellence: Undergraduate degree from a demanding university program (MBA is advantageous).


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