Website New Energy Nexus (NEX)

Location: Berkeley, CA (hybrid)


New Energy Nexus California is looking for a Director of People and Business Operations who will be responsible for developing and executing strategies to attract, retain, and support a diverse and highly skilled workforce, in alignment with the mission and values of New Energy Nexus. This new role will report to the Managing Director and will play a pivotal part in fostering a positive organizational culture, enhancing employee engagement, ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations, and overseeing key aspects of business operations, including budgeting, office management, and vendor relations.

Your day as Director of People and Business Operations at New Energy Nexus California will be dynamic and filled with a variety of responsibilities. You may find yourself collaborating with other leaders across New Energy Nexus to understand their talent needs, participating in recruitment and interviewing processes, developing DEI initiatives, conducting performance reviews, and working on improving HR systems and policies. In addition, you will oversee critical aspects of business operations, such as budgeting, office management, and vendor relations, ensuring that the organization runs smoothly and efficiently. You will also be available to address employee concerns and promote a positive workplace culture. Your role is pivotal in shaping the organization’s workforce and culture, as well as supporting its operational excellence to align with New Energy Nexus’s mission and values.


Talent Acquisition and Retention:

  • Devise strategies for diverse, skilled workforce attraction and retention.
  • Partner with managers for talent identification and recruitment.
  • Establish effective onboarding processes.

Employee Development:

  • Introduce initiatives for employee growth and development.
  • Support professional development and career progression.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI):

  • Lead DEI efforts, implementing initiatives for an inclusive workplace.

Performance Management:

  • Oversee goal setting and performance reviews.
  • Collaborate with managers to enhance employee performance.

HR Systems and Policies:

  • Develop and manage HR systems and policies.
  • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Employee Relations and Workplace Culture:

  • Manage employee relations and retention.
  • Cultivate a positive workplace culture and address concerns.
  • Lead on planning and execution of monthly all team meetings and other internal facing events, employee appreciation initiatives, staff retreats, etc.

Change Management:

  • Lead and manage organizational change.
  • Ensure employee readiness and engagement during transitions.
  • Design and implement an internal communications structure

Business Operations:

  • Oversee the annual budget-setting process with the Director of Program Finance and Compliance.
  • Manage office space, lease, and related responsibilities.
  • Oversee procurement and vendor management for operational ne


    • Strong dedication to New Energy Nexus’s mission, showcasing a profound understanding and alignment with organizational goals
    • 10 years of leadership in nonprofit HR, showcasing dedication and expertise
    • Proven track record in building and nurturing teams, particularly handling moments of scale and expansion
    • Strategic thinker, aligning HR initiatives with the organization’s mission and long-term goals
    • Expert in managing organizational change, especially during periods of growth or transition
    • Proficient in employee relations, adept at addressing concerns and cultivating a positive workplace culture
    • Comprehensive experience across the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to continuous growth and development
    • Strong commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, with a history of implementing effective initiatives
    • Expertise in developing, implementing, and managing HR and people-related systems and policies
    • Tech-savvy, capable of navigating a variety of HR tools and software for optimal efficiency
    • Effective leadership and management skills, providing guidance and fostering a collaborative, high-performing team

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