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Location: New York, NY or Seattle, WA.


Earth Finance is a dedicated team of strategists, investors, policy makers, scientists, and subject matter experts who are committed to identifying and implementing solutions that create a financially viable low-carbon future. We work with companies, non-profit organizations, investors, philanthropists, and governmental agencies to help them accelerate their progress toward net zero. We are a diverse team of talented, like-minded and impact focused people who are passionate about sustainability, committed to creating a better future, and focused on bringing our best selves to this work. If that sounds exciting – come join us.


  • Accelerate the global energy and climate transition.
  • Build a new business focused on climate and sustainability strategy, finance, investing and public policy.
  • Scale a consulting business line to $30M in three-to-five years.
  • Build a portfolio of climate technology startups, PE and VC customers and manage client and portfolio relationships.
  • Serve as an engagement lead and/or subject matter advisor for team-based climate and sustainability consulting projects.
  • Envision, design, and implement novel low-carbon business models, products and services including new consulting solutions that differentiate Earth Finance in the climate and sustainability marketplace.
  • Collaborate with industry experts and serial entrepreneurs with decades of experience in corporate strategy, public policy, energy, sustainability, biotechnology, carbon accounting, and environmental projects and programs.
  • Collaborate with climate and sustainable finance and investing professionals to build revenue accretive business models.
  • Identify companies and technologies most impactful to the climate transition and how Earth Finance can best support them.
  • Lead a budding team and create an enjoyable and impactful work environment.
  • Support climate technology companies to scale and commercialize at the pace our market and world needs.


  • Demonstrated ability to originate a unique book of business of greater than $2M.
  • 10+ years of accretive experience in the climatetech, sustainability strategy, and climatetech investing marketplace.
  • Experience building and launching new business models (including circular models).
  • Experience in private equity and venture capital investment and asset management.
  • Experience building and leading consulting practices and teams.
  • Experience advising both startup and corporate companies.
  • Expertise in energy and climate transition project finance models.
  • Experience and understanding of existing and emerging global policies and standards including Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), TCFD, TNFD, ISSB, SASB, GRI, PRI, SFDR, CSRD, SEC (proposed) rules, and other related policies and standards.
  • Comfortable with asking “why” in the ambiguity of climate data and business uncertainty.
  • Expertise in financial AND carbon accounting
  • Experience using financial modeling, data analytics, and visualization to create business cases that quantify return on investment (ROI) and return on carbon (ROC) impacts.
  • Clear and direct communication skills, with the ability to distill complex ideas from a variety of disciplines into actionable client take aways in various written and visual formats.
  • Ability to facilitate large group meetings and lead, design, and manage client trainings and workshops
  • Competent and comfortable with the Microsoft Office Suite, Google products, and Salesforce.
  • Master’s degree or equivalent experience, ideally in the fields of business, public affairs, sustainability, environmental management, and related fields.

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