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Location: Washington, D.C.


In this role, you will lead WRI-U.S. climate diplomacy work, coordinating WRI’s engagement in existing bilateral and multilateral Track II dialogues (between the U.S. and China, India, and the EU). You will scope new opportunities to enhance U.S.-international engagement with specific countries, such as a potential trilateral North American Dialogue among the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

You will provide expert briefings and advice to WRI senior leadership, liaise with U.S. government officials to advance U.S. diplomatic efforts at national and subnational levels, and collaborate with WRI’s International Climate Action team and relevant International Offices to engage strategically in international fora such as the G7 and G20. Working closely with senior management on strategy and project development, fundraising, leveraging partnerships and expertise across WRI’s programs, centers, and international offices, you will cultivate partnerships with external experts and government officials to inform Track II dialogue objectives and maximize project efficacy.

This position is remote due to Covid-19, but you will be based at WRI’s office in Washington, DC once restrictions have lifted.


Outreach and engagement

  • Engage with dialogue stakeholders to set strategy, workplans, and agendas, maintain and build relationships, and recruit new participants
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with partner organizations in the Track II dialogue space to ensure maximum impact of our collective efforts
  • Provide linkages and leadership to climate and energy dialogues in international fora such as the G7, G20, Major Economies Forum, World Bank/IMF, WTO, and UN General Assembly
  • Represent WRI-U.S. at public and private conferences, workshops, and in the media

Program management

  • Leverage and cultivate funder relationships to sustain and expand impactful international engagement work
  • Lead WRI’s team of experts, developing programmatic strategy for U.S.-international engagement and scoping new opportunities for engagement with specific countries including a potential North American trilateral U.S.-Mexico-Canada dialogue
  • Collaborate on strategic efforts and priorities with WRI international offices (China, India, Europe, Mexico) and WRI’s International Climate Action team
  • Monitor financial and grant management
  • Assist in organizing working group meetings and participants, including work plans, production of briefing materials, and outreach for products
  • Coordinate production of briefing materials, post-meeting papers, joint statements, and other pre-meeting materials for dialogues and working papers
  • Coordinate across WRI program and issue areas to leverage institutional expertise and build internal support for the team’s work
  • Support the growth of junior and mid-level staff by serving as manager and mentor

Research and analysis

  • Assist in the drafting of briefing materials, post-meeting papers, joint statements, and other pre-meeting materials for both dialogues and working papers
  • Represent WRI at high-level stakeholder fora


  • Master’s degree in a relevant field required (or bachelor’s degree and 2 additional years of experience)
  • Minimum of 15 years of relevant, full time work experience related to climate policy with a minimum of 8 years’ experience in a leadership capacity
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial, with an ability to identify and pursue new opportunities
  • Experience working with climate and energy policy makers in federal agencies and with key stakeholders from foreign governments
  • Has a record of developing and executing strategies to advance international climate, clean energy, and/or clean air policies at the federal level in the United States
  • Able to effectively communicate insights from technical research to non-technical audiences both verbally and in writing
  • Candidate must be self-motivated and entrepreneurial thinker with an ability to identify new opportunities while juggling multiple priorities and work under tight deadlines
  • Strong research, writing and oral presentation skills
  • Position requires occasional international travel

Program Overview

WRI-U.S. works to advance practical solutions to reduce and remove greenhouse gas emissions, deploy clean energy solutions, improve resilience to climate impacts, and achieve a strong, clean economy that benefits all Americans. We do so through rigorous peer-reviewed expert analysis, consultation, convening, coalition building, and clear communications. We work at all levels of government and with leading businesses across the United States. Our experience, reputation and connections in the policy arena, the private sector and beyond place us in a unique position to help shape federal and state climate policy and generate new ideas and practices for low-carbon development over the coming years.

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