Website New Energy Nexus (NEX)

Location: Berkeley, CA (hybrid)


New Energy Nexus California is seeking a dynamic individual to fill the role of Communications Manager. In this pivotal position, you’ll be the driving force behind crafting and disseminating the organization’s messages. You will be a social media and digital content expert, able to create various forms of long and short-form content, videos, and graphics, and successfully execute monthly virtual events with the support of the Communications Associate. Reporting directly to the Head of Partnerships, Events and Brand, this role is designed to engage stakeholders and expand New Energy Nexus’ influence and reach in CA and beyond.

As the Communications Manager at New Energy Nexus California, your typical day is a dynamic blend of communication-related responsibilities. It begins with updating the organization’s website content to reflect the latest clean energy developments. You then create engaging social media posts to interact with the online community and promote upcoming virtual events. You coordinate logistics for these events, ensuring a seamless execution while also analyzing communication analytics and providing insights for data-driven strategy adjustments. Lastly, you may engage with media outlets, conduct public speaking, and oversee digital content creation, contributing significantly to New Energy Nexus’s impactful mission.


Content Quality and Management

  • Develop high-quality content that engages the audience and effectively communicates the organization’s mission, resulting in increased website traffic, applications to our entrepreneur support programs, and overall user engagement.
  • Develop storytelling collateral (videos, publications, blog posts, etc.) for external engagement and manage deliverables of related vendors and subcontractors within project budgets.
  • In collaboration with Program Leads and the Impact Team, develop external and public-facing reports.
  • Maintain an up-to-date, visually appealing, and user-friendly website that enhances the organization’s online presence and credibility.

 Digital Communication and Outreach

  • Execute comprehensive digital communication strategies to reach and engage target audiences effectively, leading to increased online community interaction and support for the organization.
  • Manage outreach campaigns for annual program solicitation cycles, with specific focus on underrepresented communities in order to expand and diversify application pool
  • Craft and distribute engaging social media posts, email marketing campaigns, and newsletters to broaden the organization’s reach and heighten awareness.
  • Implement data-driven refinements to enhance the effectiveness of digital communication initiatives.

Event Planning and Execution

  • Successfully plan and execute monthly events that align with the organization’s objectives, achieving well-attended, informative, and engaging events.
  • Coordinate all logistics for events, ensuring seamless execution and high participant satisfaction.
  • Promote events effectively to drive registration and participation, meeting the organization’s goals for each event.

 Strategic Communication and Brand Consistency

  • Under the direction of the Head of Partnerships, Events and Brand and with support from the Global Communications Director, develop and execute a strategic communication plan that aligns with the organization’s mission and objectives, maintaining a consistent and recognizable brand voice.
  • Craft messages and communication materials that resonate with the target audience, resulting in higher engagement and support.
  • Ensure that all communication is cohesive and aligned with the organization’s mission and values, reinforcing brand recognition and trust.

Internal Communications

  • Develop and implement an effective internal communication strategy to facilitate seamless information flow within the organization.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of internal communication initiatives, gather feedback, and make data-driven improvements to enhance information sharing and engagement among team members.


  • Strong dedication to New Energy Nexus’s mission, showcasing a profound understanding and alignment with organizational goals
  • 5+ years experience in digital communications and social media
  • Storytelling and the ability to produce content that simplifies complex narratives for wider accessibility and understanding
  • The ability to develop and execute a strategic communication plan that aligns with the organization’s mission and objectives
  • Excellent graphic design skills using digital design software such as Adobe Creative Suite and Canva and experience in mentoring others in the development of these skills
  • Proficiency in using digital platforms, social media, and email marketing tools to reach and engage target audiences
  • Proficiency in website content management systems (CMS) and website design principles to increase website traffic and improve user experience
  • Knowledge of event planning and management, including logistics, promotion, and audience engagement strategies for virtual events
  • Strong project manager with experience setting project scope and timeline, collaborating with people with different backgrounds, and tracking progress against goals
  • Strong understanding of communication analytics tools to track and assess the impact of communication efforts
  • Strong ability to convey information in a particular tone/ voice when communicating the organization’s mission

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