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Location:  Franklin, Tennessee


The regional Climate & Sustainable Sourcing Manager will be responsible for creation and execution of the regional Pet Nutrition action plan delivering carbon reductions and other environmental and social improvements in line with the global sustainability commitments. Being an expert in climate, animal protein and grain supply chains and environmental studies, the Climate & Sustainable Sourcing Manager will be proactively identifying and driving region-specific, and commodity specific regenerative agriculture interventions, guiding and supporting buyers and relevant suppliers in establishing more sustainable sourcing practices. They will also serve as a key point of contact for sustainability in the region, working closely with both the global sustainability community and regional cross-functional stakeholders (including, but not limited to Commercial, Research & Development, Marketing, Supply, Corporate Affairs), ensuring full alignment and smooth coordination of efforts and workstreams between the global and regional agendas. The Climate & Sustainable Sourcing Manager will ensure full integration of the global sustainability programs into the regional targets and timely deployment of the regional glidepaths for all relevant initiatives.


  • In close collaboration with the Regional and Global Climate & Sustainable Sourcing team, develop and execute a strong regional climate strategy and action plan for raw ingredients, ensuring high pace to executing the current action plan, and quality of the carbon reductions and other positive environmental and social impacts, as well as smooth and efficient coordination of efforts from cross-functional teams.
  • Proactively identify region and commodity-specific opportunities for additional opportunities in our animal protein and/or grain supply chains, driving their deployment through constant relationship building and collaboration with suppliers, their farmers, and internal sourcing associates.
  • Identify opportunities for strategic partnerships and alliances within the region, build strong connections with the customers, suppliers, industry groups, peers, and relevant NGOs.
  • In collaboration with the regional stakeholders and third-party data partners, maintain a solid approach to tracking and reporting robust data on program scope and performance across relevant projects and the regional supply chain, ensuring constant availability and timely submission of the clean and auditable data to be used internally and externally.


  • A bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Agriculture, Agronomy, Agroecology, Animal Science, Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Economics or similar. Master’s degree preferred.
  • 10 + years working in the agriculture, climate, and sustainability fields and proven track record in designing and delivering strategic climate action initiatives in sustainable and regenerative agriculture, climate change mitigation, preferably at a farm level, in animal protein and grain supply chains.
  • Excellent command of climate change issues and relevant policies, financing and technology solutions, ability to interpret complex environmental data and trends, including Scope 3 carbon accounting, Life Cycle Assessment, various sustainability standards and reporting frameworks (CDP, CDSB, GHG Protocol, IMP, SDGs, SASB, IIRC, IFC, etc).
  • Expertise in climate-smart and regenerative agricultural practices throughout varying regions of the United States and across varying commodities, including but not limited to: cropping systems, nutrient and pest management, cover crops, reduced- or no-till, and their impact on soil health and carbon sequestration.
  • Excellent organizational abilities, project management, program management and communication skills, ability to thrive in a diverse, rapidly changing and constantly evolving environment.
  • Must be comfortable contributing both remotely and in-person, based on location and events.

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