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Location: Aurora, CO


The Mile High WorkShop is an employment social enterprise. We provide business clients from a diverse set of industries with a variety of light manufacturing, assembly and sewing services. This work creates transitional employment and training opportunities for our program participants, community residents experiencing barriers to employment due to criminal backgrounds, incarceration and/or recovery from homelessness and addictions. The WorkShop provides program participants with developmental opportunities and supportive services aimed at preparing them for and facilitating their transition into quality permanent employment.


This position is a member of the Leadership Team that sets overall direction and execution of both long and short term organization goals.  More specifically, this person oversees and is responsible for the development and implementation of the WorkShop earned income revenue goals and objectives.

A critical component is to manage the WorkShop’s online presence and marketing efforts to support business development and revenue growth.  Earned income is a vital portion (expected to be 60-70% of total) of our overall revenue picture.  This income level and consistency are important to the long term sustainability of executing our mission.

Essential Duties

  • Strong alignment and passion for our mission and faith-based values
  • Community involvement and develops key relationships with business partners
  • Acts as primary point of contact for current and future business partners
  • Oversees the development, implementation, and coordination of the marketing plans including market research, e-commerce strategies, promotion, sales management, and client customer relationship management.
  • Formulates and manages department budgets based upon seasonal plans, outcomes and promotional need analysis.
  • Liaisons between production and customers to manage deadlines and production issues
  • Establishes contracts in coordination with the Executive Director with willing business partners and provides on-going support and communication to key decision makers.
  • Actively participates in community activities, direct sales calls, and training of other team members in the referral development process.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience
  • A strong sales/marketing background with proven results including a thorough knowledge of the business development process.
  • An awareness of the local Denver community is preferred

This position provides a full complement of benefits including health, dental, vision, PTO, and a retirement plan with a company match. Annual salary is expected to be $50,000.00 + sales commission.

To Apply

To apply, please email resume and cover letter to 

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