At the Erb Institute, our mission is to leverage the power of business to create a more sustainable world. The Erb Institute is unique among its peer institutions in that we are fortunate to have both a dedicated Faculty Director, Joe Arvai, and faculty supported by three endowed professorships: the Dow Professor of Sustainable Science, Technology and Commerce; the Holcim (US) Professor of Sustainable Enterprise; and the Max McGraw Professor of Global Sustainable Enterprise.

Together, these core faculty members serve as the cornerstones of the institute’s work in the areas of engagement, scholarship and applied research. They work together to teach a diverse array of courses, from Decision-Making for Sustainability, to Energy Markets and Energy Politics, to Strategies for Sustainable Development: Enterprise Integration and Market Transformation.

Our faculty conduct research and engage with experts and the public on topics ranging from market transformation to consumer behavior and the triple bottom line.

Erb Chaired Faculty and Affiliated Faculty

Our chaired faculty and faculty affiliates bring scholarly thought and critical thinking to the institute’s applied sustainability work.

Selected Faculty Blogs

A selection of blogs by our faculty related to business sustainability.