Postdoctoral researchers at the Erb Institute are global in their approach, think in terms of systems and adopt an interdisciplinary perspective on sustainability. Rather than limiting our search to individuals who represent a particular discipline, we seek scholars whose research and academic interests sit—from a contextual perspective—at the inter- and transdisciplinary nexus between broad sustainability and the private sector.

Meet Our Current Postdoctoral Fellows

The Postdoctoral Fellowship Program and Application

Join the Erb Institute as a Postdoctoral Fellow

Each year we accept applications from talented and creative early-career scholars. Our post doctoral fellows conduct high-quality research, participate in seeking extramural funding related to their research, write jointly authored and peer-reviewed articles, and contribute content for a broad array of audiences under the Erb Institute’s research and engagement banners. A PhD or comparable degree is a prerequisite for this appointment. The application period for 2021 has now closed.

Postdoctoral Research & Publications

Where are our Postdoctoral Fellows now?

Benjamin Goldstein, Assistant Professor, McGill University
Caitlin Drummond, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
Uyanga Turmunkh, Asst. Professor, IESEG School of Management in Lille, France
Todd Schifeling, Asst. Professor of Strategic Management, Fox School of Business, Temple University
Susan Kayser, Data Scientist, Hill Rom
Panikos Georgallis, Asst. Professor at University of Amsterdam Business School
Jocelyn Leitzinger, Asst. Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Katy DeCelles, Assoc. Professor University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management
Stephanie Bertels, Director Corporate Governance and Sustainability, Simon Fraser University
Judith Walls, Asst. Professor at Nanyang Technological University
Nardia Haigh, Assoc. Professor at UMass Boston College of Management
Sara Soderstrom, Asst. Professor Organizational Studies and Program in the Environment, University of Michigan
Ethan Schoolman, Asst. Professor, Department of Human Ecology, Rutgers University
Lianne Lefsrud, Asst. Professor Faculty of Engineering, University of Alberta
Haitao Yin, Assoc. Professor, Department of Economics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Laurie Nijaki, Expert in Economic Development and Environmental Policy
Arnab Mitra, Assoc. Profesor, Economics, Portland State
Chunbo Ma, Assoc. Professor, University of Western Australia
Markus Kitzmueller, Senior Economist, World Bank