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The Erb Institute is so much more than a dual degree program—it’s a global community of change agents and we want you to join is to create a sustainable world through the power of business!

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Program Highlights


At the Erb Institute, you will have the opportunity to customize your educational experience to create a unique academic and career path. You will complete required and elective courses to meet both degree requirements.  Ross and SEAS offer many courses focused on social sustainability, entrepreneurship, corporate responsibility, change management, and environmental energy sustainability.

  • EAS 570 – Environmental Economics
  • EAS 562 – Environmental Policy, Politics, and Organizations
  • EAS 501 – Business, Sustainability, and Justice
  • EAS 574 – Renewable Energy Systems
  • EAS 501 – Entrepreneurship & Innovation for Sustainability 
  • MO 620 – Leading a Good Life
  • MKT 625 – New Product Innovation and Management
  • STRATEGY 630 – The New Age of Innovation
  • BE 527 – Energy Markets and Energy Politics
  • FIN 614 – Global Capital Markets

Action-Based Learning

Impact Projects

The Erb Institute offers Impact Project funding to Erb students as an opportunity to drive business sustainability impact. You are invited to design high-impact projects to take your learning into your own hands during your time at the University of Michigan. Whether you want to attend a business sustainability conference, have an idea for a new business you’d like to launch or a sustainability initiative you’d like to co-create —we want to help you make an impact!

Two Internships

As an Erb student, you’ll complete two internships, giving you the chance to try something new and explore various roles and industries. If you’re still defining the career path you’d like to take, you can test out two different experiences to find the role that’s right for you. You will also qualify for Erb Institute internship funding up to $13,200 per year for qualifying internships.

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