Diversity, equity and inclusion are integral to who we are as an institute and community. They are values we live by and fight for every day.

We are a community dedicated to impact and justice—environmental, social and economic. We seek to celebrate and uplift diverse voices within and outside our community. From the smallest interactions to the largest initiatives, we uphold and integrate the values of diversity, equity and inclusion. We work ardently to prioritize anti-racism work and ensure training and programming are available to all members of the Erb community.

An inclusive community.

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is shared with the larger University of Michigan community. Some resources offered to the U-M community are:

Spectrum Center – The Spectrum Center is committed to enriching the campus experience and developing students as individuals and as members of communities, providing support services for the LGBTQ+ campus community.

Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives – OAMI develops strategic programs, resources and opportunities that support cultural enrichment throughout the campus community.

Trotter Multicultural Center – The Trotter Multicultural Center serves as a campus facilitator, convener and coordinator of intercultural engagement and inclusive leadership education initiatives for University of Michigan students.

DEI Initiatives

The Erb Institute sits between the Ross School of Business and the School for Environment and Sustainability—and all three have their own unique DEI strategy and initiatives. We work together to make the University of Michigan a more inclusive and equitable place. 

Erb Institute

As an institute, we have committed to a variety of projects and outputs, as outlined in our DEI Strategy

DEI Business + Sustainability Research 

After recognizing a dearth of research at the nexus of business, sustainability and DEI, we made a commitment as a staff to develop funding pathways for faculty to engage in this important research. 

Increasing Diversity in our Student Cohorts and on our Boards

We recognize that we have not done enough to make Erb an inclusive and equitable program for Black students and business partners. We commit to redesigning our approach to recruit more Black students, increasing Black representation on our boards, and advocating for the university to do the same.

Leverage in-classroom learning to build student capacity around anti-racism work

We understand the importance of in-classroom learning to deepen our knowledge of anti-racism concepts, practices and theories. We are committed to advancing DEI and anti-racism in the curriculum.

Michigan Ross

As part of the Michigan Ross commitment to action, Ross has announced plans across its focus areas.

Create new courses focused on diversity, equity and inclusion

The DEI curriculum task force will identify ways to enhance diversity in our courses and co-curricular offerings. In addition, we will expand our DEI course offerings. For example, the Ross School and U-M’s Office of Academic Innovation announced a new online course initiative led by Ross Professor Lindy Greer titled Leading Diverse and Inclusive Teams and Organizations.

Launch a speaker series focused on race in business

The Ross School’s Business & Society speaker series for 2020-21 will focus on race in business. Planning will commence in July, and the organizing team will consist of students, faculty and staff.

Mandatory DEI training

All faculty and staff who are engaged in recruiting of new faculty and staff must engage in DEI training before beginning the recruitment process.


As part of its DEI Strategic Plan, SEAS has committed to:


coordinate and implement practices

that are aligned with our commitment to promoting diversity and to advancing equity and inclusion as core school priorities


Provide opportunities

for all members of the community to learn and develop in ways that are in keeping with the school’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion


Develop and refine processes

that seek to increase the diversity of our faculty, students and staff


Establish practices and policies

that make visible, discourage, and restoratively respond to acts of discrimination, harassment or personal abuse


Act on our commitment

to contribute to a just and sustainable society and to affirm the humanity of all persons


Student Leadership

How Erb students get involved in racial justice

As an Erb graduate student, you can get involved in fighting for justice in many different ways. A couple of options are:

  • Student Advisory Board (SAB) DEI VP and Director Positions – In 2018, Erb Institute dual-degree students created two new positions, a Vice President and Director of DEI, on the Student Advisory Board, their student government.
  • Student Organizations – MBA DEI Committee 

As an Erb undergraduate student, there are many different ways to get involved in DEI work. A couple of options are: