In Erb Executive Education programs we will explain and discuss topic areas including triple bottom line (TBL) decision-making, materiality assessment, stakeholder engagement, and the business case for sustainability.  Our programs are tailored to provide businesses with the necessary tools to determine how these critical ideas and processes impact their operations.

Programs can take the form of:  Workshops, Case Studies, Toolboxes, Roundtables, Research and Training Sessions.  Please contact us here if you would like more information on arranging a program for your business.


We collaborated recently with Sustainable Brands in welcoming their global business sustainability community to Detroit in May 2017. Erb faculty and community members spoke at the conference and engaged in dialogue with local and global business leaders revolving around the conference theme of “Redefining the Good Life”. Read more about the conference here.

We are proud to be Sustainable Brands chosen academic partner and look forward to continued business sustainability collaboration.


Global Academic Partnerships under development include an MOU being signed between the Erb Institute and Universidad Pinar del Río in Cuba to collaborate on joint initiatives in research, teaching and business engagement in Cuba. Erb Faculty Director Joe Árvai and Managing Director Terry Nelidov visited Pinar del Río in June 2016, and the MOU is expected to be signed by spring of 2017. The first Erb student visited Cuba in October 2016 to attend an international conference on renewable energy in Havana.


Students developed a toolbox to help businesses assess human rights risks, as well as one that outlines action to mitigate these risks. In 2016, these toolboxes were shared at a conference in Ann Arbor sponsored by the Erb Institute and World Environment Center (WEC) addressing human rights challenges that corporations face. We plan to repeat that workshop in Washington, D.C., in fall 2017. The students continued to refine the toolbox and recently presented their work at the India Sustainability Standards Conference (Centre for Responsible Business in India).