New Scholarship Fund

Empowering Graduate Students to Build Sustainable Futures

By: Chelsea Liddy Pivtorak

Just in time for Earth Day, a Michigan Ross alumnus has established a new sustainability-focused scholarship fund, hoping to help underrepresented students pursue their dream careers while meeting urgent environmental and social needs.

Miguel Andrés Sossa-Mardomingo, MBA/MS ’13, serves as Vice President and Americas Sustainability GTM Lead at global consulting firm Capgemini. Based in Seattle, much of Sossa-Mardomingo’s work is focused on navigating high-profile clients through complex sustainability and organizational challenges.

The Miguel Andrés Sossa-Mardomingo (MÁS) Scholarship Fund will provide support for admitted graduate students who are pursuing the Erb Institute’s dual MBA/MS degree in sustainable business enterprise. “We are in the race of a lifetime to create a more sustainable world,” said Sossa-Mardomingo. “Yet, today, we lack the necessary voices and ideas of leaders from underrepresented communities who are often most overburdened by the adverse effects of climate change. Through this scholarship, I aspire to close this gap by inspiring a diverse array of leaders to join me in safeguarding our shared future.”

During his graduate career, Sossa-Mardomingo had classmates who felt they had to choose between jobs that either created positive impact or provided for the future they wanted. Through the MÁS Scholarship Fund, he hopes to send a message that recipients can choose sustainable career paths that allow them to “do good while doing well.”

Reflecting on his career motivations, Sossa-Mardomingo credited his father, who grew up on a farm in Colombia, and his mother, a Cuban refugee and librarian. They encouraged him to respect nature, conserve resources, and continuously learn, all lessons his wife (Marie-Lise Perrault, pictured above), his family, and he apply in supporting their communities today.

His U-M education has helped him to assess sustainability challenges, build authentic relationships, and lead global teams. “I loved my time at Ross SEAS: one of the best dual-degree sustainability programs in the world,” he said. “I am forever thankful for my lifelong friends, world-class professors, merit-based scholarships, and enriching global experiences. The Erb Institute has one of the best dual-degree programs in the world, and it is now an honor to give back.”

“Climate change and related environmental justice issues are intensifying every year,” continued Sossa-Mardomingo. “There is no time to waste! We need as many great thinkers and doers out there to join us, and I hope this scholarship can help pave the way.”

Sossa-Mardomingo invites and encourages others to contribute to the new MÁS Scholarship Fund