The Erb Institute engaged with several speakers and participants around key questions that relate to business, academia and sustainability, during a partner event with Innovation Forum in Detroit.  Below we ask business sustainability professionals:

What new opportunities are on the horizon for business to better “innovate for sustainability”?

How can business better innovate for sustainability?

Erb Institute faculty director Joe Árvai, talks Market Transformation, opining that the time for incremental (sustainable) change is past.

Pashon Murray co-founder Detroit Dirt, explains how advocacy and education lend themselves to building an entrepreneurial model for solving sustainability problems.

Daniella Foster Global Responsibility Director at Hilton, dives into the supply chain to meet growth and innovation goals in an inclusive and sustainable way.

Jennifer Marsman Principal Engineer at Microsoft explains how big advances in machine learning can help address hard sustainability problems.

Read the report from the Innovation Forum Conference here: How business can measure the impact—and ROI—of corporate sustainability?