Innovation Forum is partnering with the Erb Institute in Detroit Oct. 2-3rd, to talk about the latest approaches to materiality, and how to establish a robust business case in 2018.  Want to be a part of the conversation?  Register here!

As a preview to the conversation, Innovation Forum held a webinar (see link below) to talk about several of things that companies should be thinking about with respect to materiality.  Erb Managing Director, Terry Nelidov explains how materiality should be used to prioritize issues that important both to a companies stakeholders, but also to the success of the business.

Terry also highlights the Erb Institute’s new, simple and easy-to-use sustainability toolboxes which can be used to help companies figure out what matters most.  21:12, 43:00 and 51:15There are many factors that have lead to the increased awareness of environmental, social and governance – or ESG – issues.

This has led to greater focus on the principle of materiality to distinguish the information that is most important for key stakeholders. But, for companies, defining when and why each matter becomes material is a real challenge.

In this webinar, our expert panel discuss: how to clear up any confusion over what is ‘material’; tips on how to design a materiality assessment that suits your business; and, then how to use information generated from these assessments to drive strategy more effectively.


Bill Hall, head of sustainability, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Amy Braun Senter, senior director, global sustainability, Kellogg Company

Terry Nelidov, managing director, The Erb Institute, University of Michigan

– Hosted by Ian Welsh