Former Erb Institute PostDoc, Panikos Georgallis received one of five Veni grants that were awarded to researchers from the fields of economics and business, out of 59 total grants to researchers from the social sciences and humanities.  Veni grants are targeted at “outstanding researchers who have recently obtained their PhD and allows them to conduct independent research and develop their ideas for a period of three years.”
The Veni grant will provide the sum total of €250,000 towards Georgallis’ work in understanding moral markets.  Georgallis added,

“I am honored to receive the Veni grant by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. The grant will enable a better understanding of the evolution of moral markets, and help nurture these sectors which have a dual impact on economic and social change. I look forward to getting started!”

Applications are assessed in a nationwide competition based on the quality of the researcher, the quality, innovative character and academic impact of the research proposal, and the potential for knowledge utilization (see here).”

Grant Proposal

Let it shine: The emergence and evolution of moral markets
Moral markets, sectors that emerge to foster social change, are critical for society. But what are the circumstances that spur and sustain these markets? Using data from the European solar sector, Georgallis will develop a novel framework of the emergence and evolution of moral markets.

A list of the 154 Veni laureates, working titles and a brief summaries of the research projects can be found here.

Panikos Georgallis is an Assistant Professor of Strategy at the Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam. His research examines the interaction between firms, social movements, and governments, with an emphasis on settings with strong links to sustainability.  Connect to his work here: