The University of Michigan’s Erb Institute launches new bi-annual publication – ICYMI!

ICYMI!  is a business-focused publication sharing the work of the Erb Institute.  In this and future publications, we will share how our research, teaching and engagement are providing ideas and frameworks that will help businesses move forward in meeting their sustainability challenges.  We invite you to have a look inside and see how our work is helping to move the needle on business sustainability.

Of special note, please see our section on the Erb Sustainability Management Toolbox Series.  These are great tools that your business can use time and again as simple step-by-step approaches to doing sustainability at the company level!

Also please share your comments!  We are interested in knowing what you like and what you might want to hear more about.

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  • Neil Drobny says:

    Difficutl to read on line. Could not figure out how to navigate. No apparent way to download as a pdf which would solve the problem.

  • Emily Drennen says:

    How do I subscribe to the magazine?

    • Carolyn Kwant says:

      Hi Emily, thank you for reaching out! In the footer of our website we have a Subscribe button. If you click on that you get to this link which will let you subscribe to our publications.

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