The University of Michigan’s Erb Institute for Sustainability in Business (Erb) and the World Environment Center (WEC) brought together 40 senior-level thought leaders and executives from business, academia, government and nonprofits, as well as selected Erb Institute students, for a roundtable discussion.

Held November 30 to December 1, 2017, in Washington, D.C., with support from the Dow Chemical Company, the roundtable was a highly interactive, peer-to-peer conversation, operating under Chatham House rules to foster honest and open dialogue.

  1. The roundtable set out to explore these issues, focusing on three major themes:
    Goal-setting for corporate sustainability: developing a clear connection between impacts and metrics to improve decision-making;
  2. Identifying and confronting systemic challenges: forging new partnerships, facilitating learning, and more tightly integrating sustainability impacts with business
    decision-making; and
  3. Developing new business models: identifying approaches to business that balance social, environmental and economic objectives.
Read the full text of the discussion in the .pdf below.