Sustainability – A Guide for Boards and C-Suites

is a succinct business-focused summary of how business leaders should think about the risks and opportunities associated with sustainability. The book includes the Gib Hedstrom’s insights not only from the approximately 60 board of directors meetings he has participated in, but also from the experiences of over 50 companies that have used the Corporate Sustainability Scorecard over the past 20 years.

The Corporate Sustainability Scorecard C-suite rating system was developed to facilitate conversations about sustainability in the boardroom. It helps companies answer the question, “With respect to sustainability, how do we stack up today vis-a-vis our competitors, both in terms of best practices, and where leading companies are heading?”

This book is available for purchase on Amazon.

A personal message from Gib:

My goal in writing this book is to accelerate the transformation that is already under way – and to help those of you who are “driving that transformation” to be winners within your own spheres of influence. My ultimate hope is that those of you working in (or with) corporations:

  • Share the book with executives who each own part of the sustainability agenda.
  • Hand a copy to the CEO and every member of the executive team; and, ultimately,
  • Get a copy to each member of your company’s Board of Directors.

When that happens, I am very confident that our job in spreading the sustainability gospel will become a lot easier – and on a faster track.