“After nine months of much sound and some intense fury, the Trump administration continues its efforts to implement an environmental agenda based on major 2016 campaign themes while also having to address the more practical realities of governance. To paraphrase the late New York City Mayor Ed Koch, how is the Trump administration doing so far? After nine months in office, five major trends are discernible at this writing.”

In his new Bloomberg BNA published paper, WEC’s Terry Yosie brings up five main failings he finds with the Trump administration’s environmental agenda: 1. Trump appointees know what they’re against, but not what they’re for, 2. The administration has advanced some of its environmental goals, but they are reversible, 3. A vigorous anti-science agenda is being implemented, 4. The business community separates itself from Trump’s environmental agenda, and 5. The environmental community plays defense in response to Trump’s policy agenda.

Read Erb partner-organization WEC’s Terry Yosie’s thoughts in the below Bloomberg BNA published paper, “Practitioner Insights: Evaluating Trump’s Environmental Policy—Nine Months In” below!