How Do We Get There? EDF Manages a New Diversity Plan (pdf abstract)
Purchase the full report on WDI Publishing (Case study #1-430-503) – published 04/2017, 20 pages

Developed by:

Chris Affeldt, Hannah Sherman, Richa
Yadav, and Brandon List. This case was written under the supervision of Andrew Hoffman, Erb Faculty Member.

Description: Emily Reyna, the Environmental Defense Fund’s (EDF) Director of Diversity, has been in the newly formed position for under a year and has been tasked with implementing the organization’s Diversity Plan, which aims to improve internal racial and ethnic diversity as well as reach a more diverse range of constituents within partnerships. EDF recognizes the importance of adequately engaging and representing shifting demographics in the United States and internationally and has focused on improving diversity internally for the past several years. Reyna’s priority is a baseline assessment of diversity and inclusion within EDF’s culture. Her focus is on inclusion and full participation, not only in the workplace but also in the policies and programs EDF is working to implement. Students will explore the challenges of diversity and develop a strategy for EDF’s internal changes and external partnerships.

Teaching Points:
After reading and discussing this case, students should be able to:

  • Explore the challenges of understanding diversity within an organization’s structure.
  • Devise metrics for assessing success of a diversity program.
  • Develop a strategy for diversifying the leadership and workforce.
  • Understand the role of future employees in the changing workplace.
  • Operationalize a strategy for EDF with respect to internal changes and external partnerships.