“For the foreseeable future, business will be — must be — inseparable from the concept of sustainability, if the human project on Earth is to endure. The market must, and will, adjust to recognize the global nature of the issues we face. The next iteration of sustainable business practices, moving from enterprise integration to market transformation, will establish new norms of social and environmental behavior on a global level, translate those norms to the national and local levels, and develop solutions that are systemic in nature, rather than collections of siloed approaches. What steps can business take to thrive in that kind of transition? It starts by linking environmental and social stewardship to the existing market metrics and logic — by framing the issue as a market shift, or a market transformation. This shift is as replete in market opportunities as any other form of disruption, and it is already underway. If you are not already extending existing market metrics and logic accordingly, you are late.”  – Sustainable Brands New Metrics, November 2016