Dow and the Circular Economy: Trash to Treasure?
Purchase the full report on WDI Publishing (Case study #1-430-478) – published 03/2016, 20 pages

Developed by: Sneha Rao, Chris Mills, Imani David and Nicholas Machinski. This case was written under the supervision of Andrew Hoffman, Erb Faculty Member.

Description: Erica Ocampo, sustainability and advocacy manager at The Dow Chemical Company, is getting ready to present her report on the pilot Energy Bag program to her boss. The waste-to-energy program has been met with success in converting plastics to energy, but Ocampo is wondering how she can take the project a step further and truly make Dow a participant and leader in the circular economy. Students are asked to identify with Ocampo and develop a plan of action for the company.

Teaching Points:
After reading and discussing this case, students should be able to:

  • Explain the concept of the circular economy.
  • Identify why Dow is applying a long-term approach to sustainability.
  • Describe what a pilot program is and why it was important for Dow implement such a program.