Erb’s Managing Director, Terry Nelidov was featured in the month long Sustainable Brands Series in February 2015 called Academic Engagement: How Business & Business Schools Partner to Drive Sustainable Innovation.

Don’t miss the featured article on the Erb Institute with commentary from our Managing Director, Terry Neldiov and Executive-in-Residence, Tom Catania: Strength in Numbers: Erb Institute Harnesses the Power of Consensus Read it online.


Q&A’s with commentary from Managing Director, Terry Nelidov:

  • Do Sustainability Research Centers View Industry as a Partner or Client?  Read it online
  • What are the Success Factors and Risks for Relationships Between Industry and Academia?  Read it online
  • How do Sustainability Research Centers Influence Business School Curriculum?  Read it online
  • How Does Sustainability Research Fit Within Business Schools?  Read it online