Designing Innovative Corporate Water Risk Management Strategies

By May 16, 2014Library

By 2030, it is estimated that 47 percent of the global population will be living in high water stress areas. The authors of this book survey common organizational (both public and private) responses to water scarcity across three categories–technology-based, policy-based, and management-based–and then focus on the latter as holding the most promise for creating a robust, organization-wide solution for potential freshwater scarcity. Management-based responses are those developed within the organization to internalize water-related externalities.

Written by: Daniel Gerding (’14), Berry Kennedy (’14), Makely Lyon(’14), Joshua Rego and Emily Taylor(’14) with a foreword by Andy Hoffman and Neil Hawkins and includes an introduction by Faculty Advisor, Don Scavia.

This book was the Erb Institute 2013 Best Opus Project winner and is available for purchase on Amazon.com: Designing Innovative Corporate Water Risk Management Strategies from an Ecosystem Services Perspective

Read the blog from the student authors of the book here.

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