An appeal for better, smarter decisions – Erb Faculty Director, Joe Arvai published in Policy Options Politiques

Spend a few minutes talking with the Erb Institute’s Faculty Director, Joe Árvai, and it’ll be clear that his social and political views are progressive; spend a few minutes reading his work, and you might think he’s anti-industry or anti-government. But, once you get to know him, it’ll become clear that he has little interest in taking an ideological stand against industry or government. He views government and policy-making as a noble and underappreciated calling. And, he admires the emphasis on creativity and outside-the-box thinking of the best and brightest in business and industry.

So, if he’s not antigovernment or anti-industry, what is he? The answer is simple: He’s anti-lousy-decision-making, especially in the public and private sectors, where the outcomes of choices can affect all of society. And if being against something means that one must also stand for something, he stands for a decision-making process that meets a high, but eminently achievable, standard of quality.

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