Now available in Spanish:

Morder la manzana: derechos laborales y el papel de las empresas y los consumidores en una cadena global de suministros (pdf abstract)
Purchase the full report in Spanish on WDI (Case study # 1-429-406)– published 11/2014, 16 pages.

Taking a Bite Out of Apple: Labor Rights and the Role of Companies and Consumers in a Global Supply Chain (pdf abstract)

Purchase the full report on WDI  (Case study # 1-429-372)– published 02/2014, 16 pages.
Developed by: Kelsea Ballantyne (’16), Zicheng Bi, Nate Underwood (’16), and Xiling Wengunder the supervision of Andrew Hoffman

DESCRIPTION: The “Taking a Bite Out of Apple: Labor Rights and the Responsibility of Companies and Consumers in a Global Supply Chain” case is an instruction tool for teaching the concepts of fair labor standards in a global market, supply chain management issues, and how a business deals with a crisis situation of media allegations of substandard labor practices. Students are asked to analyze supply chain and labor rights issues in order to come up with a response for Apple to the allegations of abuse at Foxconn. Students are also asked to discuss the role the media and consumers play in a company’s labor policies. This enables the students to better understand the complex issues of labor rights in the supply chain and viral media in a connected, globalized world. How and when should CEO Tim Cook respond to the allegations? This case was written under the supervision of Andrew Hoffman at the University of Michigan by graduate students Kelsea Ballantyne, Zicheng Bi, Nate Underwood, and Xiling Weng.


    After reading and discussing this case, students will be able to:

  • Understand and illustrate how complicated fair labor supply chain issues are in a globalized, interconnected world.
  • Demonstrate responses to viral media by highly recognizable, consumer-facing businesses to human rights allegations.
  • Consider the role of businesses in labor rights and responsible contracting.