Republican Hank Paulson, former CEO of Goldman and a Bush Treasury Secretary, Hedge fund billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer, and Democrat-Republican-Independent Michael Bloomberg are teaming on the project “Risky Business” to assess the economic impacts of climate change in the U.S.

In their own words:

Steyer, on the reaction by top government officials and money managers to his statement that climate change is the “biggest game changer of all”:

“It’s like I was saying that what’s going to make a difference in the economy is unicorns,” (source)


Everyday across America, families and businesses take out insurance policies to protect themselves against adverse risk. As a nation, why aren’t we taking this approach toward the catastrophic risks of climate change. (source)


Sea levels are rising, and the best science tells us that extreme weather events may become more frequent. (source).

So I guess it is possible for Republicans and Democrats to work together. Who knew? And what could be a more important problem to work on together than climate change?