Client Organization: The Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature, A.C.
SNRE Faculty Advisor:  Bill Currie
Master Students Involved in Project: 
  • Hannah Erickson, MS Environmental Policy and Planning
  • Nancy Gephart (Erb ’14), MBA/MS Sustainable Systems
  • Allie Goldstein, MS Environmental Justice/Environmental Policy and Planning
  • Sam Stevenson (Erb ’14), MBA/MS Environmental Informatics
Summary of Project Idea: 

The report described below (from Executive Summary Conservation Finance Alliance Report:  describes an attempt to draft a REDD+ architecture for 5 case study countries. The master’s project would try to do a similar process for Mexico, in conjunction with the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature, one of Mexico’s leading environmental organizations.

From the Executive Summary of the prototype report: 
In 2010, in-person and telephone based interviews were carried out by PwC with stakeholder representatives from government, civil society, academia and the private sector in six countries: Brazil, Cambodia, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Madagascar and Peru to provide a national level perspective on how REDD+ funding is being managed now and how it could be managed in the future. Interviewees were asked to complete a ‘stakeholder map’, then answer questions on existing and projected REDD+ funding management at a national, sub-national and project level. The analysis of these interviews, supplemented with desk based research, are presented in six case study reports in this report. These country reports are based on data collected from February to August 2010 and as such may not capture the most recent REDD+ policy changes and project development. Read more

SNRE Program Areas: 

  • Conservation Ecology (Aquatic Sciences, Terrestrial Ecosystems, and Conservation Biology)
  • Environmental Policy and Planning
  • Behavior, Education, and Communication
  • Environmental Informatics
  • Environmental Justice
  • Sustainable Systems