Constructing a Base-of-the-Pyramid Business in a  Multinational Corporation:  CEMEX’s Patrimonio Hoy Looks to Grow (pdf abstract)

Purchase the full report on (Case study #1-429-202) – published on 03/2012, 22 pages.
Developed by: Erb faculty affiliate, Ted London

Description:  This case continues the story from the revised 2006 case study “CEMEX’s Patrimonio Hoy: At the Tipping Point?” This case describes CEMEX’s Patrimonio Hoy in 2012, which is a startup initiative designed to help low-income customers construct their own homes. Israel Moreno, Director of Patrimonio Hoy, must present his recommendations to CEMEX’s top management that outline a growth strategy for the initiative and its expansion into new markets. 

Teaching Points:

    After discussing this case, students will be able to:

    • Explain the concept of the Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) and surface implicit assumptions about the poor.
    • Discuss the core concepts in the BoP domain.
    • Assess CEMEX’s Patrimonio Hoy initiative and analyze whether or not it has developed native capability.