The Institute is proud to count several AmeriCorps alumni among our graduates. AmeriCorps is a national network of programs that engages more than 70,000 Americans each year in intensive service to meet critical needs in communities throughout the nation.

March 10-18 is AmeriCorps Week, a celebration of which we are proud to recognize the following AmeriCorps-Erb alumnae:

  • Tina Bosch (Erb 2011)
  • Meghan Chapple-Brown (Erb 2002)
  • Jackie Pitera (Erb 2009)
  • Terri Schroeder (Erb 2008)
  • Becky Taylor (Erb 2010)
  • Melissa Vernon (Erb 2002)
  • Dan Cantor (Erb 2012)
  • Emily Dwinnells (Erb 2012)
  • Will Morrison (Erb 2015)

These are the Erb/AmeriCorps alums we know about. There may be more – please let us know! We salute the spirit of service that our AmeriCorps alumni bring to Erb, inspiring all of us with their vision and dedication to a more sustainable, equitable and peaceful world.