Cafe Esperanza
Team: Stephen Ahn (MBA/MS 2015)
Cafe Esperanza intends to collaborate with local coffee farmers in Honduras to grow premium coffee that can be sold at a higher price as the demand for premium coffee is increasing globally. This venture comes out of Stephen’s experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras.

ContainEarth (now Go Blue Box)
Team: Raphael Meyer, Richard Grousset and David Yang (all MBA/MS 2013)
ContainEarth will make reusable takeout containers a financially and logistically viable alternative to disposables, and is piloting the project at UM this October.

Wintergreen Stone
Team: Yanning Li (MBA 2014) and Julia Ruedig (MBA/MS 2015)
Wintergreen Stone intends to use widespread, mature lightweight aggregate technology to refine and normalize fly ash (solid waste by product from coal-fired power plants) to make several different products which will become inputs for cement-like materials. Their geographic focus is on China.

For other students interested in applying in the future, please visit here. The Venture Shaping and Dare to Dream grants are offered in both semesters. The winter round applications are due in January.