Katie O’Hare, Erb ’11 interned with the Innovation Center for US Dairy, where she led a project team to create the first sustainability progress report for the dairy industry.

“For centuries, dairy families and businesses have had a proud legacy of providing nutrient-rich products that promote good health and well-being throughout all stages of life. For us, responsibility for the earth and a passion for consumer satisfaction come naturally. It’s the result of living on the land and producing a product as wholesome and fresh as milk.It’s no wonder the dairy industry has a vested interest in securing a healthy future for the next generation. With an ever-growing population, however, demands for nature’s valuable natural resources will increase exponentially. In fact, by 2050, global demand for food is expected to double. And importantly, research shows that more consumers care about the health and environmental impact of the food choices they make. As a result, there is a growing marketplace demand for healthy, responsibly made products. That’s why organizations at every step in our supply chain — from dairy farms to processors to the local grocer — have made a commitment to work together, so that we can continue to provide nutritious dairy products in a way that makes our industry, the earth and its people economically, environmentally and socially better, now and for future generations.”

Download the full report here:
U.S. Dairy Sustainability Commitment Progress Report December 2010 (pdf)