Hunt Briggs and Paul Davis took Grand Prize for their company ReGenerate at the first Accelerate Michigan business competition Friday, December 10.

The Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition awarded over $1 million in cash and in-kind services Saturday to the winners of the world’s largest business plan competition. The grand prize of $500,000 in cash was awarded to Kalamazoo, Mich.-based Armune BioScience and grand prize of $25,000 for the student portion of the competition was awarded to University of Michigan students Hunt Briggs, Paul M. Davis, Robert Levine and Nolan Orfield for their company ReGenerate…

In the student category, ReGenerate received the top student prize for their Compact Organic Waste System (COWS) which transforms unwanted and costly organic waste into a renewable source of electricity and nutrient-rich compost. Targeted toward university cafeterias and supermarkets, the system provides a lower cost and environmentally preferable alternative to traditional waste disposal. University of Michigan Students Zaher Andraus, Vimal B. Bhalodia and Matthew Neagle received the $15,000 first runner up prize for their company Reveal Design Automation which provides the electronic design.