Molten Metal Technology A 

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By: Andrew Hoffman
Details: published 04/2010, Case 01/1900, 23 pages.
Description: This case describes Molten Metal Technology’s beginnings and its new technologies, the impact of regulation on its business, environmental implications, the waste cleanup and disposal industry, and Molten Metal Technology’s possibilities for future expansion amidst competition. Molten Metal Technology Case B is available for discussing the resolution to the questions (case study # 1-429-051).
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Teaching Points: this case can be used to illustrate the following.

  • How a high-tech start-up company failed at the crucial commercialization stage of its innovative technology.
  • Political and regulatory risk added to an already complex set of concerns for economic, market, and technology risks.
  • The effects of media attention and investor euphoria on a start-up.
  • How excitement about environmental benefits must not detract from using sound business principles