By Priyanka Bandyopadhyay ’08, Anthony Gross ’08, Michael Hartley ’08, Jeffrey LeBrun ’08, Ali Moazed ’08

In fall 2006, Paul Doetsch and Steven Antalics of BHP Billiton engaged the School of Natural Resources and Environment Masters Project team to develop a general framework or process for:

1) Evaluating the potential for the adoption of renewable energy across a the range of operational assets, and

2) Identifying the most promising renewable energy technologies and project concepts for these assets.

This report articulates the resulting framework, which is essentially a seven-step process for evaluating the potential for renewable energy at a given asset, identifying specific appropriate technologies based on goals and available resources , and formulating project concepts based on the technologies which show the most promise for serving an asset’s needs and management’s goals. It serves as a “how to” for management seeking to identify potential renewable energy projects for an asset.

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