By Devon Douglas ’09, Ben Massie, Matthew McMurtry ’09, Annie White ’08

New Mobility seeks to create an integrated multi-modal transportation system through private sector investment. This enhanced system has the potential to provide significant social, human health, and environmental benefits through alleviation of congestion, increased efficiency, and better transportation access for all members of society. New Mobility Solutions for South Africa and India: A Framework for Success identifies the capabilities, strategies and management principles needed to ensure the success of New Mobility offerings and provides recommendations for initial entry into New Mobility markets. Drawing on secondary as well as in-country research in the previously identified cities of Bangalore, India and Cape Town, South Africa, specific recommendations were made with respect to the creation of a New Mobility business and industry. These recommendations provide Ford Motor Company with a solid base from which they may begin development of New Mobility through partnerships, alliances, and strategic experiments. The presented frameworks can guide the planning and implementation of New Mobility solutions throughout the world.

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