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Feb 15 – SAB Career Professional Webinar / Anita Hoffmann

January 21, 2013

Location: TBA

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Jan 30 – Eli Hinckley / SAB Sustainability Career Professional Mini-Series

January 21, 2013

12-1:30 pm
Erb Space
Lunch will be provided
Open to Anyone interested in energy as a career field or topic

RSVP in this google doc by Monday 1/28 if you’re interested in attending so we can order an appropriate amount of food.

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Why data alone won’t make a difference in the climate debate

January 17, 2013

The scientists no longer have the final say in the public debate on climate change. The debate is shifting to a conversation that focuses on the values, culture, worldviews and ideologies of all populations.

“A great and more varied voice from the social sciences…is needed to address issues related to how the problem is viewed by the public and how that public will respond to the solutions.”

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The ‘How’ In the Climate Debate (html)

Andy Hoffman: 2012 as the Hottest Year on Record

January 11, 2013

Erb Director, Andy Hoffman featured in news article for his contribution to the conversation on climate change.

In the interview,  Andy stated, “People respond to what is salient and vivid,” “Many people doubt evidence of climate change because it comes from people they don’t trust, people like Gore and other politicians and institutions they see as liberal, Hoffman said.”

Read more:
Ann Arbor joins continental U.S. in posting hottest year on record (html)
Ann Arbor joins continental U.S. in posting hottest year on record (pdf)

Feb 12 – National Climate Assessment Midwest Regional Town Hall

December 20, 2012


Hosted by the University and Co-sponsored by the Erb Institute

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Andy Hoffman’s report featured in European Financial Review

December 14, 2012

Andy Hoffman’s report,  Climate Science as Culture War digs into the deeper meaning of climate change science and who needs to play a part in the conversations and debates.

“…we do not have a set of socially accepted beliefs on climate change—beliefs that emerge, not from individual preferences, but from societal norms; beliefs that represent those on the political left, right, and center as well as those whose cultural identifications are urban, rural, religious, agnostic, young, old, ethnic, or racial.”

Climate Science as Culture War (html)
Climate Science as Culture War (pdf) 


Dec 13 – EDF Climate Corps Webinar

December 10, 2012

12-1pm EST

Featuring: Scott Wood and Jake Hiller, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
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MI / U-M fracking research partnership to include Erb Institute

November 30, 2012

Announced by Governor Rick Snyder, research teams kicked off the first phase of their two-year research project last month with support from: the Graham Sustainability Institute, the Erb Institute, the Energy Institute and the Risk Science Center. Industry representatives, nongovernmental organizations, state government officials, academic experts and other stakeholders are providing input.
Fracking in Michigan: Researchers study potential impact on health, environment, economy (pdf) or  read the story online.

Tom Catania Presents International Energy Agency Workshop Report 2012

November 12, 2012

Erb Executive in Residence, Tom Catania gave presentation on the evolution of appliance efficiency standards.
Read the report: Policies for Energy-Provider-Delivered Energy Efficiency (pdf)

Nov 15 – Beyond Proposal #3 / Tom Catania

November 5, 2012

Michigan Energy Club (MEC) lecture by Erb Executive in Residence, Tom Catania: Beyond Proposal #3 – Public Policies that will be required to cost effectively deliver a Smarter, Greener Grid

Time: 6pm
Location:  Dana 1040