Post-Doctoral Fellowships

The Post-Doctoral Fellowship application process is currently closed. It will re-open in November 2016. Please visit this page then for more information.


The Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise is focused on solving the world’s most pressing social and environmental sustainability issues. Since the Institute’s creation nearly 20 years ago, we have seen tremendous progress made by the private sector in addressing social and environmental problems around the world. However, our view is that our community has more work to do if our goal is to flourish as a society that is concerned about people, planet, and prosperity.

Research and thought leadership at the Institute is directed at two strategic pillars:

  1. Enterprise Integration, which entails developing the tools and experience to effectively integrate sustainability into today’s business practice across companies, industries, and geographies; and
  2. Market transformation, which entails developing new ideas, tools, and practices that transform markets toward systemic sustainability and define business as a force for good in the world.

In service of these pillars, scholars at the Erb Institute are global in their approach, think in terms of systems, and adopt the view of broad sustainability.

Each autumn, we we accept applications from scholars interested joining the Erb Institute as a Post-Doctoral Fellow. There are currently 2 options for joining the Erb Institute as a Post-Doctoral Fellow. First, there is our own Erb Post-Doctoral Fellowship program which is described below. Second, post-doctoral candidates may also choose to apply to the Michigan Society of Fellows, though this is optional. Both of these programs come with their own requirements for submission and participation.


Erb Institute Post-Doctoral Fellowships

Each autumn, we accept applications from qualified candidate scholars who can conduct high-quality and high-impact research, participate in seeking extramural funding related to their research write jointly-authored and peer reviewed articles, and can contribute occasional thought leadership content under the Erb Institute banner.

To help us achieve our strategic vision, post-doctoral researchers will be required to conduct work in at least one of four priority areas at the nexus of business and sustainability:

  1. Consumer behavior and conscious consumption;
  2. Community and human development;
  3. Global environmental change; and/or
  4. Corporate governance.

We are particularly interested in applicants who have demonstrated leadership potential and/or capabilities as they relate to our strategic research priority areas.

Fellows are appointed for two years as Post-Doctoral Scholars in the Erb Institute and are expected to be in residence during the academic years of the fellowship, to participate in the intellectual life of the Institute, and to devote time to their independent research. If desired, teaching may be included in the agreement. The annual stipend will be $65,000 based on an academic calendar year, September 1 – August 31. Fellows are eligible for University employee benefits programs including health and life insurance options.


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