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Our MBA/MS Program students regularly bring cutting-edge knowledge and leadership skills to organizations throughout the world. Organizations benefiting from this interaction include small nonprofits, multinational corporations, government agencies, entrepreneurial start-ups and large NGOs. There are many ways for organizations to gain access to our world-class MBA/MS students:

Hire graduates for full-time positions

Each year, the Erb Institute graduates 20 – 25 students who have earned both the MBA and MS degrees. These individuals possess an extraordinary combination of knowledge and experience to help organizations create and implement innovative and practicable methods for cultivating sustainable enterprise. Find and Hire a student

Hire Summer Interns

These 10-12 week engagements involve one or more students who work within an organization on a full-time basis between May and August. Organizations begin posting these opportunities as early as November and students begin accepting offers as early as January. Find and Hire a student

Watch the Climate Corps Intern Video:

Ross MAP projects

During March and April of each year, teams of 4-6 students work full-time within external organizations on interdisciplinary action learning projects. These challenging projects focus on improving processes, solving problems, and identifying strategic opportunities. For more information, visit the Ross MAP website or contact the Erb Institute.

Sponsor SNRE Masters Projects

Teams of 3-6 students complete these projects on a part-time basis over a period of 12-18 months. These projects have covered a wide range of topics, including renewable energy, green building, sustainable products and supply chains, climate change, and pollution prevention. Masters projects are designed to help real-world clients and provide students with the opportunity to apply analytical methods and to prepare a significant research paper or technical report. For more information, visit the SNRE Masters Project website or contact the Erb Institute.

Erb Institute Student Engagement Opportunities

Summer Internship SNRE Masters Project Ross MAP Project
Project Requirements Sponsor-determined Sustainability relevance Cross-functional/multidisiplinary
Project length 10 – 12 weeks 12 – 16 months 7 weeks
Project execution window May – August Flexible March – April
Proposals due January – February December 1 November 30
Number of students One 3 – 6 4-6
Student type MBA/MA students MS students * MBA students *
Student time commitment 40+ hours/week 5-10 hours/week 40+ hours/week
Sponsor costs Corporate: ~$1,500/week
Non-profit: ~$500/week
Project expenses Project expenses
Sponsor control / student selection High Medium Low
Faculty Advisor(s) No Yes Yes
Product / output Sponsor-determined Report and presentation Report and presentation

* Would likely include dual-degree MBA/MS students

If you would like to learn more about these opportunities, please contact the Erb Institute.