2013 Climate Change Communication Challenge PSA Video Contest

Recent news: Critics’ Choice 2nd place winner, “25 Ways to Love your Planet” was nominated for a college production award in the PSA category by the MI National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Awards. The awards ceremony is May 17, 2014. More information on the awards ceremony

Congratulations to the winning teams!

We challenged students to create short public service announcement videos that would raise awareness about climate change solutions, encourage individual action, and/or provide people with an inspiring vision of what a sustainable future could look like. Eleven teams of students put their skills to the test. View all of the videos here.

We are pleased to announce the 2013 winners. Our heartfelt thanks to all of the students who submitted a video and helped create a more positive vision of how we can address climate change.

We are also tremendously grateful to our sponsors for their generous support, as well as our partner organizations that helped promote the contest to their memberships.

Sponsors Partners
  • Steve and Judy Dobson
  • Phil Roos
  • Friedman Family Foundation
  • R.E. Olds Foundation
  • Porter Family Foundation


And the winners are…

Critics’ Choice
First Place Award, $3,000

“Go Green with Eloise” by Theo Schear

Pictured (left to right): Andy Hoffman, Theo Schear and Kim Wolske

Critics’ Choice
Second Place Award, $2,000

“25 Ways to Love Your Planet” by Kate Loshakova, Ashlyn Gurley and Courtney Grosvenor

Team members pictured (left to right): Kate Loshakova, Ashlyn Gurley and Courtney Grosvenor

Critics’ Choice
Third Place Award, $1,000

“Climate change isn’t about Bad Hair Days” by Amanda Aweh and Sam Chen, Kate Drummond, Marianna Kerppola and Andrea Kraus

Team members pictured (left to right): Sam Chen and Andrea Kraus
Not pictured: Kate Drummond, Marianna Kerppola and Amanda Aweh

Critics’ Choice
Honorable Mention, $500

“It Doesn’t Take a Superhero” by Kelsea Ballantyne, Brian Rassel and John Serron

Team members pictured (left to right): Brian Rassel, Kelsea Ballantyne and John Serron

Popular Vote Award, $1,500

“Little Nina’s Climate Change Life” by Yue Jiang, Yaying Tian and Ben Zhang

Team members pictured (left to right): Ben Zhang, Yue Jiang and Yaying Tian

Congratulations to the winning teams!