Erb Awards for Prospective Students


Erb Recruitment Award


The Erb Institute offers scholarships to entering MBA/MS students, to:

  • Attract students with high leadership potential and who diversify the range of backgrounds and experiences represented among Erbers; and
  • Alleviate the cost of a 3-year dual degree.

Eligibility to Apply

Applicants may apply for an Erb Institute recruitment scholarship if they have:

  • Applied to both Ross and SNRE;
  • Been admitted to either or both schools.

Waitlisted candidates can still apply, but we may not be able to review those scholarship applications until candidates have been admitted to Ross. (SNRE does not have a waitlist.)

Mid-year applicants (i.e. those already enrolled in either Ross or SNRE) may apply once they have been admitted to the second school, but will receive less funding than those who start as dual degree students.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and will be accepted through 9:00am EDT, June 1.

Apply for an Erb Recruitment Award here


Review Process

Scholarship awards will be made on a rolling basis throughout the admissions cycle. Applicants are advised to apply as soon as they are eligible. We will share results within roughly 4-6 weeks.

Award amounts will vary, and applicants are not guaranteed an award.

Award Criteria

We consider the following criteria when reviewing applications:

  • Commitment to and potential for leadership as a sustainability change agent
  • Diversity of background, including global experience
  • Potential contribution to the Erb community

Disbursing Your Award


  • Awards will generally be disbursed during a student’s last consecutive semester of full-time enrollment in the MBA/MS program.
  • Students with significant awards from other sources should contact the Erb Institute to coordinate disbursement timing.


  • Remain enrolled as a full-time student at U-M, through to graduation of the MBA/MS.
  • Remain in good standing with the Erb Institute.

The requirement for continuous full-time enrollment may be waived in the event of compelling, extenuating circumstances, including but not limited to family emergencies, illness, and military deployment.

Students intending to graduate with the MBA/MS in five rather than the usual six semesters should make sure to learn about the Erb Institute’s current policy on early graduation and keeping Erb scholarships.


Please submit any questions about recruitment scholarships to