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Have questions about what it means to be a student at the Erb Institute? Want to hear more about the Ross School of Business or the School of Natural Resources and Environment from an Erb student’s perspective? AmbassadErbs – current students contacts from the Erb Institute – can help you find the answers. Connect with one today!

Meet our Erb Student Advisory Board (SAB) VP of Recruiting, Taylor Markward. Taylor is in the Erb class of 2017 and is the main prospective student contact.

Taylor Markward
Career Focus: General Management
SNRE Track: Behavior, Education & Communication
Undergrad: Political Science, United States Military Academy
Prior Industry: Army
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Camp Fires

Class of 2017   


Brianna Brianna Brazell
Career Focus: Small Business Development
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Psychology and Economics, Vassar College
Prior Industry: Corporate Finance
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Picking just one doesn’t feel right
 Dannan Hodge
Career Focus: Consulting
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Economics and Chinese Studies, UCSD
Prior Industry: Social Enterprises
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Backpacking
 Julio Villasenor Suarez
Career Focus: TBD
SNRE Track: Environmental Policy & Planning
Undergrad: International Relations, ITAM – Mexico
Prior Industry: Headhunting
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Skiing, camping, hiking
 Kathleen Carroll
Career Focus: Food system sustainability
SNRE Track: Behavior, Education & Communication
Undergrad: Chinese and English, Georgetown University
Prior Industry: Non-profit consulting
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Running
 Kristin Steiner
Career Focus: Clean Tech
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Civil Engineering, San Diego State University
Prior Industry: Engineering Design, Sustainable Design, Construction
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Running
Michelle-gross Michelle Gross
Career Focus: Marketing
SNRE Track: Behavior, Education & Communication
Undergrad: Political Science, McGill University
Prior Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking
 Mikaela Rodkin
Career Focus: Human Capital Consulting
SNRE Track: Environmental Justice
Undergrad: Political Science, U.S. Naval Academy
Prior Industry: U.S. Navy
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Trekking
mb_photo Mike Barg
Career Focus: Banking or Consulting
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Economics, Elon University
Prior Industry: Finance/Legal
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Snowboarding
 Theo Eggermont
Career Focus: Small Educational Non-profit
SNRE Track: Behavior, Education & Communication
Undergrad: Environmental Studies, St. John’s University
Prior Industry: Sustainability in Higher Education
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Canoeing/Tubing

Class of 2018   

 Alexis Apostol
Career Focus: Human Capital
SNRE Track: Behavior, Education & Communication
Undergrad: Environmental Economics, Colgate University
Prior Industry: Financial Services
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Horseback Riding
 Bob Kraynak
Career Focus: Agribusiness/ Retail
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: International Relations, Tufts University
Prior Industry: Military
   Braxton Mashburn
Career Focus: Consulting/ Gen Mgmt
SNRE Track: Environmental Policy, Sustainable Systems, Conservation Ecology
Undergrad: English, US Naval Academy
Prior Industry: Military
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Canoeing
   Carissa De Young
Career Focus: Food/Agriculture
SNRE Track: Behavior, Education & Communication
Undergrad: Economics/International Development, Calvin College
Prior Industry: Non-Profit/Microfinance
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Ultimate Frisbee
   Christine Rickard
Career Focus: CPG/Retail – Marketing
SNRE Track: Environmental Justice
Undergrad: BBA, University of Michigan
Prior Industry: Online Retail(Food)
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Kayaking
   Helen Lee
Career Focus: Supply Chain/Operations
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Marketing, New York University
Prior Industry: Consumer Insights
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Biking
   Luke Sawitsky
Career Focus: Sustainable Entrepreneurship
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Political Science and International Studies, Northwestern University
Prior Industry: Healthcare
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Fishing
   Melissa Morton
Career Focus: Corporate Sustainability
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: B.A. Sociology B.M. Music Industry, University of Southern California
Prior Industry: Music
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking/Backpacking
   Nikole Vargas
Career Focus: Brand Management, CPG
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Journalism, Northwestern University
Prior Industry: Communications
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking
   Sean Pavlik
Career Focus: Energy/General Management/Strategy
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Environmental Sciences/International Studies, Northwestern University
Prior Industry: Non-profit/Government
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking


Class of 2019   

Erik Wolfe
Career Focus: Energy
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Materials Science Engineering, UPenn
Prior Industry: Consulting
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Skiing
Amelia Harris
Career Focus: Food sourcing
SNRE Track: Sustainable systems
Undergrad: Food & agriculture, Carleton college
Prior Industry: Nonprofit / CSR
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Foraging
  Caroline Lucas
Career Focus: Consulting, Social Innovation
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Political Science, Chapman University
Prior Industry: Technology, International Development
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Kayaking, Hiking
  Noah Feingold
Career Focus: Sustainable operations
SNRE Track: Behavior, Education, and Communication
Undergrad: Economics and Mathematics, Wesleyan University
Prior Industry: Economic consulting
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Golf
  Mark Green
Career Focus: Circular Economy/Industrial Ecology
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Finance and Spanish, Texas A&M
Prior Industry: Finance then Peace Corps
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Biking and Camping
  Zach Friedman
Career Focus: Food Industry Supply Chain
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Public Relations, Syracuse University
Prior Industry: Public Relations
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Handstands
Kaitlyn Klingensmith
Career Focus: Sustainable Operations Management
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Environmental Studies, New York University
Prior Industry: Environmental Consulting
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking
  Jim Gawron
Career Focus: Mobility or Energy
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Engineering, University of Michigan
Prior Industry: Aerospace
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Golf
  Paula Luu
Career Focus: Supply Chain
SNRE Track: Environmental Policy & Planning
Undergrad: Psychology, Berkeley
Prior Industry: Nonprofit
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking
Elana Fox
Career Focus: Food Sourcing; Impact Consulting
SNRE Track: Behavior, Education & Communication/Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Politics; Public Health, Brandeis University
Prior Industry: International Development; Start-ups
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Swimming!
Caroline Hodge
Career Focus: Consulting or tech, eventually impact investing
SNRE Track: TBD – probably either Environmental Policy & Planning or Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Psychology and Philosophy/Religion, Stanford University
Prior Industry: Environmental nonprofit (climate communication) followed by cleantech company (energy/utilities)
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Curling! Oh wait that’s indoors. Probably running? Or stargazing.
  Dan Bier
Career Focus: Renewable Energy
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Political Science and Finance, Ohio State
Prior Industry: Defense and Aerospace
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Biking and Rowing