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Have questions about what it means to be a student at the Erb Institute? Want to hear more about the Ross School of Business or the School of Natural Resources and Environment from an Erb student’s perspective? AmbassadErbs – current students contacts from the Erb Institute – can help you find the answers. Connect with one today!

Meet our Erb Student Advisory Board (SAB) VP of Recruiting, Michelle Gross. Michelle is in the Erb class of 2017 and is the main prospective student contact.

Michelle-gross Michelle Gross
Career Focus: Corporate Sustainability/Environmental Strategy
SNRE Track: Behavior, Education & Communication
Undergrad: Political Science, McGill University
Prior Industry: Marketing (Pharmaceutical industry)
Hometown: Barcelona & Boston
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Trekking in the mountains

Class of 2015   

  Kenny Fahey
Career Focus: Conservation Finance / Impact Investing
SNRE Track: Environmental Policy and Planning
Undergrad: Art History, Bowdoin College
Prior Industry: Legal/Butcher
Hometown: DC Metro Area
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Surfing
 Ben-Hamm Ben Hamm
Career Focus: Transportation
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Sociology
Prior Industry: Nonprofit
Hometown: Highland Park, New Jersey
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Parkour
 Ursula-crop- Ursula Jessee
Career Focus:
SNRE Track: Environmental Policy and Planning
Undergrad: Wellesley College
Prior Industry: International Development
Hometown: Reston, Virginia and Cairo Egypt
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking
 Katy-Head_Shot Katy Newhouse
Career Focus: Energy & Marketing
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Environmental Economics
Prior Industry: Energy efficiency research & consulting
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Bicycle touring
Maite Madrazo
Career Focus: Energy/Consulting
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Mechanical Engineering; Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City
Prior Industry: Renewable Energy
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Running/hiking
Therese Miranda-Blackney
Career Focus: Energy SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems Undergrad: Science, Technology & International Affairs, Georgetown University Prior Industry: Consulting; Think tank Hometown: Washington, DC Favorite Outdoor Activity: Anything on water
  Will Morrison
Career Focus: Cleantech and renewables; marketing and business development
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Dartmouth, Economics
Prior Industry: Corporate sustainability
Hometown: Wilmington, North Carolina
Alex Papo
Career Focus: General Management
SNRE Track: Environmental Policy and Planning
Undergrad: B.S. University of Michigan
Prior Industry: International Development
Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking
Michael Rockett
Career Focus: Supply Chain, Retail
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: AB in History from Princeton University
Prior Industry: Clothing Retail
Hometown: Danvers, Massachusetts
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Whitewater Rafting
Sheena VanLeuven
Career Focus: Supply Chain Sustainability
SNRE Track: Environmental Policy and Planning
Undergrad: Environmental Studies, University of Chicago
Prior Industry: International Development and Local Government Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking in the mountains
Connie Yu
Career Focus: Corporate Sustainability/Environmental Strategy
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: University of Chicago– Environmental Studies
Prior Industry: Government/International Development
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Favorite Dessert: Anything decadent

Class of 2016

 KelseaCropped Kelsea Ballantyne
Career Focus: Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain
SNRE Track: Behavior, Education and Communication
Undergrad: Chapman University
Prior Industry: Social Entrepreneurship and International Development Hometown: Hailey, Idaho
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking/Backpacking
  Miriam Fuchs
Career Focus: Environmental sustainability in operations
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: BS in Environmental Science, BA in Economics, Brown University Prior Industry: Environmental Economic Consulting Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Rock climbing
  Juan Pablo Garcia
Career Focus: Sustainable Finance
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Industrial Engineering – Tec de Monterrey (Mexico)
Prior Industry: Investment Banking & Social Development
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Biking / Scuba diving
 Joanna-H Joanna Herrmann
Career Focus: Corporate sustainability, impact investing, BoP
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: UVA B.A. in Human Rights
Prior Industry: International nonprofit/think tank
Hometown: Annandale, Virginia
Favorite Outdoor Activity: BBQ’s! And most athletic things too
 Marianna-K Marianna Kerppola
Career Focus: Entrepreneurship
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems/Environmental Justice
Undergrad: Economics + International Studies at University of Chicago Prior Industry: Tech + Insurance
Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Soccer
 Kraus Andrea Kraus
Career Focus: Climate adaptation
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: University of Texas – International Business & Anthropology
Prior Industry: International development
Hometown: Texas & Germany
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Camping
 Kaitlin_Photo Kaitlin Paulson
Career Focus: Finance & Sustainable Food Systems
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad:University of Wisconsin, BS: Math, Economics, History
Prior Industry: Retail
Hometown: Apple Valley, Minnesota
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Canoeing
Intranet_BJR Brian Rassel
Career Focus: Entrepreneurship/VC
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Tufts University
Prior Industry: Consulting
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
John Serron
Career Focus: Cleantech
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Business/Spanish & Nazareth College
Prior Industry: Finance
Hometown: Penfield, New York
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Rock Climbing
  Andi Waghelstein
Career Focus: General Management
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Operations Management- University of Maryland
Prior Industry: Supply Chain Management
Hometown: Maryland/DC
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking
  Monica Wyant
Career Focus: Food systems
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: BA Political Science and Economics, Northwestern University
Prior Industry: Government
Hometown: East Lansing, Michigan
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Competitive games

Class of 2017

 mb_photo Mike Barg
Career Focus: Renewable Energy
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Elon University
Prior Industry: Finance
Hometown: Philadelphia Favorite Outdoor Activity: Snowboarding
 Markward,_Taylor Taylor Markward
Career Focus:
SNRE Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Politcal Science, United States Military Academy
Prior Industry: Army
Hometown: Van Wert, OH
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking