Panikos GeorgallisResume

Panikos Georgallis is an Erb Institute Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Michigan, with a concurrent appointment at the Energy Institute as a Dow Sustainability Fellow. He is also an affiliate member of the Society & Organizations (SnO) Research Center of HEC Paris. He holds a PhD in Strategic Management, a Master in Techno-Economic Systems and a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Panikos uses interdisciplinary empirical research to investigate the development of new markets and the interaction of firms with their institutional environments. His current research projects focus on settings with strong links to sustainability, and examine the interaction between firms and two types of non-market actors: social movements and governments. Panikos' work has received several distinctions: he was awarded the Strategy Research Foundation Dissertation Scholars Grant for his dissertation proposal, received an Honorable Mention from the Organizations and the Natural Environment Division of the Academy of Management for his doctoral dissertation, and won the Best Conceptual Paper Award from the Entrepreneurship Division of the Academy.

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Jocelyn Leitzinger

Jocelyn Leitzinger is a Dow Post-doctoral Research Fellow with concurrent appointments at the Erb Institute and the Energy Institute at the University of Michigan. Drawing on organizational theory, she studies the impact of social movements on markets through two streams of research. Her work examines the role that environmental activists play in facilitating the emergence of new industries, as well as how incumbent firms strategically respond to activist pressure. Jocelyn was a University Fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she received her Ph.D. in strategic management and organizational theory. She also holds a master's degree in international business and two bachelor's degrees from the University of Florida. Read more about Jocelyn's research

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Todd Schifeling

Todd Schifeling is an Erb Institute Post-doctoral Research Fellow with a concurrent appointment as a Dow Sustainability Fellow at the University of Michigan. He studies the sustainability implications of interactions between social movements and companies, focusing especially on the evolving struggle to define green products as opposed to greenwashing. His work has been published in the American Journal of Sociology, and has received best paper awards from the American Sociological Association and significant attention from the media. He is receiving his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Michigan and holds a B.A. from Reed College.

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