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The Erb Institute offers students a unique opportunity to develop a set of integrated skills for confronting the complex challenges of sustainability. To be successful, a student must have strong analytic skills and the ability to communicate effectively across traditional academic, political and industrial boundaries. Erb Institute students come from diverse backgrounds, and represent decades of unique experience in a wide range of countries, sectors and industries. This diversity provides a critical educational resource for students, and enhances our ability to develop leaders who are prepared to tackle sustainable development in any sector of society.

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Kate Drummond

MBA/MS Program 2015

Kate joined the Erb Institute after six years in Washington, DC working on Capitol Hill, in government relations, and in nonprofit environmental policy advocacy. Her Potomac Fever broke when she finally realized that government alone couldn’t create a more sustainable future. Kate is interested in the study of leadership and integration of sustainability into corporate strategy. She is also equally interested in learning how to shift aggregate demand towards sustainably raised meat and produce, and understanding the systems that support the status quo. An avid promoter of women in leadership in all sectors, Kate hopes to see the gender balance in b-school shift toward parity before she graduates. Kate graduated from Birmingham-Southern College in Birmingham, Alabama with a bachelor's degree in business administration and environmental studies. In her free time, Kate loves to play ultimate Frisbee, spend time in the kitchen, and talk politics.

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James (Nate) Underwood

MBA/MS Program 2016

Nate joined the Erb Institute after spending five years working in government contracting, strategy, and operations in DC. He left Washington with an understanding that companies can often improve sustainability indicators faster than government. Nate earned his bachelors in History from Bowdoin College, and he has had a firm interest in climate change action since taking a class on climate change and government during his senior year of college. Nate's professional interests include financial tools to spur the adoption of distributed solar and CSR at tech companies. Outside of class, he enjoys cross country skiing, running, whitewater kayaking, and hiking.

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Michelle Gross

MBA/MS Program 2017

Before coming to Michigan, Michelle worked in Marketing in the Healthcare industry in Spain, and in her spare time taught workshops to raise awareness on environmental and social issues. Michelle has returned to school to pursue a career in Sustainable Business because she has come to believe that through business she can make considerable positive impact. Michelle is passionate about bringing affordable, environmentally-friendly products and services to the mass consumer, and learning more about alternative energy, especially solar and wind power. Michelle received a BA in Political Science and minor in Marketing at McGill University. She was born in the US but spent most of her life in Europe and in her spare time she enjoys yoga, skiing, travel and hiking.

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