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The Erb Institute offers students a unique opportunity to develop a set of integrated skills for confronting the complex challenges of sustainability. To be successful, a student must have strong analytic skills and the ability to communicate effectively across traditional academic, political and industrial boundaries. Erb Institute students come from diverse backgrounds, and represent decades of unique experience in a wide range of countries, sectors and industries. This diversity provides a critical educational resource for students, and enhances our ability to develop leaders who are prepared to tackle sustainable development in any sector of society.

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Ben HammResume

MBA/MS Program 2015

Prior to joining the Erb Institue, Ben served as a nonprofit marketing and communications specialist for several nonprofits, most recently as Institutional Giving Manager for The Trust for Public Land. His current focus is sustainable mobility and the emissions impacts of vehicle automation. Ben graduated from Haverford College with a Bachelor's in Sociology, where he focused on competition policy and Islamic jurisprudence. He has lived and worked internationally on several occasions including as a teacher of sociology in Islamabad, Pakistan. Ben enjoys describing himself in the third person.

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Kaitlin Paulson

MBA/MS Program 2016

Kaitlin is interested in starting a nonprofit that improves accessibility of healthy, sustainably-sourced food and educates consumers about eating healthier. She enrolled in graduate school to build on and leverage the skills she developed in Corporate Finance at Target Corporation to drive for change that impacts more than just the bottom line. Over the summer, Domestic Corps provided Kaitlin with the unique opportunity to learn about the strategic challenges faced by the education sector at TEAM Schools, the region of KIPP charter schools in New Jersey that strives to transform Newark and Camden into cities of world-class public education. The primary objective of her project was to ensure that key stakeholders feel well-supported as TEAM scales rapidly, entering Camden in the fall of 2014 and continuing expansion within Newark. Kaitlin's final deliverables included a comprehensive excel model that aggregated and calculated all financial metrics in one place as well as a leadership dashboard that visually displayed financial metrics to provide context and empower strategic stakeholder decision making.

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Micaela BattisteResume

MBA/MS Program 2017

Micaela's interest in social and environmental sustainability through business developed while writing her undergraduate thesis at the University of Michigan. After studying both Spanish and Women's Studies, she accepted a position with the Chilean fair-trade exporter Comparte, where she learned to manage the struggle of keeping fair-trade fair. She connected artisans and food producers with limited access to traditional export markets with buyers willing to pay a fair price for their work. Micaela comes to the Erb institute after five years in Santiago, Chile. She hopes to better understand the impact and innovative approaches of responsible business practices.

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