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Sustainability as a Business Edge

Erb post-doctoral research fellow, Laurie Kaye Nijaki contributed to the Sustainability as a Business Edge report with ‘environmentally preferable practice’ suggestions Read more

New Erb Case Study on Travelers Insurance and Climate Risk

Erb Institute produced a new case study titled Traveler’s Insurance: Focusing on Climate Change and Natural Catastrophe Risk in collaboration with the National Climatic Data Center. Congratulations to case writers Jonathan Huynh (’13), David Wang (’15), Jay Wolfgram (’15), and Connie Yu (’15) under the supervision of Andrew Hoffman
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NPR interview with Laura Rubin on health of Michigan’s water

Erb alum, Laura Rubin (’95) interviewed on NPR on the health and conservation of Michigan’s waters Read more and listen to her interview

Erb alum, Laura Rubin named 2013 River Hero

Laura Rubin, Erb ’95, is named “River Hero” by the River network, a coalition of more than 2,000 state, regional and local grassroots organizations whose primary mission is to protect rivers and watersheds. Congratulations, Laura! Read more

Is our resource consumption akin to a smoking addiction?

Erb/WEC Fellow Stephen Ahn makes the case for becoming aware of our unsustainable resource consumption in  IMB’s Building a Smarter Planet Blog.  Let’s Cure Our Addiction to Resource Consumption (pdf) or Read the story online.

Tom Lyon joins Erb and Energy Institutes in dual role

The Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise and the University of Michigan Energy Institute are pleased to announce that Tom Lyon, of the Ross School of Business and the School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE), will be taking over dual responsibilities as Associate Director for Research at the Erb Institute and Associate Director for Social Science and Policy at the Energy Institute (UMEI). Lyon is the University’s Dow Professor of Sustainable Science, Technology and Commerce.

Lyon’s key role within Erb will be to work with Institute Director Andy Hoffman to implement a Research Strategy Plan they have jointly developed during the past several months.  Read More…

Discovering Innovation in the Fortune 500

Emily Taylor is an Erb/World Environmental Council Fellow. Her post “Think Natural Resource Scarcity is Just an Environmental Issue?  Think Again” offers an inside look at some innovative responses to the assessment and mitigation of business risk resulting from resource scarcity.
Read the post on IMB’s Smarter Planet
Think Natural Resource Scarcity is Just an Environmental Issue? Think Again (pdf)

From John Ehrenfeld and Andy Hoffman on realizing a sustainable world

A trenchant meditation on the long term realization of a sustainable world from Andy Hoffman and John Ehrenfeld  in Solutions Magazine – “Sustainability 2.0: Sustainability is dead; long live sustainability”  (pdf) or Read the story online.

Ford Trends Conference: Smart Devices and Energy Innovation

Erb Institute Director Andrew Hoffman discusses future integrated communication for smart devices and energy innovation at the Ford Trends Read more:  Ford talks integration and innovation with smart devices (pdf) or read it online
View the presentation recording

Huron River Ventures Partners prepared to invest in energy efficient startups

Managing Directors, Ryan Waddington (Erb alum ’99) and Tim Streit of Huron River Ventures Partners are prepared to invest in more energy startups that plan to change energy consumption.

Read more:
Michigan’s Huron River Ventures Partners Announces $11M Fund For Energy Efficient Startups (html)
Michigan’s Huron River Ventures Partners Announces $11M Fund For Energy Efficient Startups (pdf)