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April 2011

April 20 – SNRE Honors and Awards Ceremony and Spring Picnic

3:30 pm. Details TBA

April 18 – Aseem Prakash, Erb Colloquium

12-1:30pm. Ross, E0530. “Signaling Environmental Stewardship in Corrupt Societies: The Case of ISO 14001″
Dr. Prakash is Professor of Political Science at the University of  Washington.

April 15 – Masters Project Tailgate

8:45-10:00am, Ricks Office in the Dana Building


April 15 Masters Project Symposium

Aurora Organic Dairy Phase III – Corporate Sustainability Report (2011)
Client: Aurora Organic Dairy
Faculty Advisors: Scott Noesen and Gregory Keoleian
Student Group Members:
Rosemary Lapka, MBA/MS Sustainable Systems
Neesha Modi, MBA/MS Sustainable Systems
Lauren Start, MBA/MS Sustainable Systems
David Weinglass, MBA/MS Sustainable Systems

This masters project is the third in a series of three projects.  The first project conducted a cradle to grave energy and green house gas footprint for a gallon of packaged Aurora Organic Dairy (AOD) milk.  The second phase expanded the analysis by updating the energy and carbon footprints and conducting water, waste and nutrient lifecycle analyses.  The third phase will update relevant areas of the energy, green house gas and water footprints and research indicators, metrics, industry benchmarks, and other relevant data needed to create and draft an effective prototype corporate sustainability report (CSR). AOD’s CSR will draw from CSR reporting best practices and standards, including relevant economic, environmental, and social elements such as energy and water use, animal welfare, charitable giving, and employee benefits. The resulting prototype report will provide the components for AOD to complete its first CSR, which will link results of ongoing operations with short-term and long-term sustainability goals.

Vehicle Electrification Facilitating the Integration of Renewable Energy: An Analysis of the Provision of Ancillary Services via Networked EVs
Client: Better Place
Faculty Advisor: John DeCicco
Student Group Members:
Hanns Anders, MBA/MS Sustainable Systems
Kripal Kavi, MBA/MS Environmental Policy and Planning
Mark Leo, MBA/MS Sustainable Systemsp;
Brian Moss, MBA/MS Behavior, Education and Communication 

The intermittency of renewable energy resources such as solar and wind poses a unique challenge for grid operators charged with procuring ancillary services to maintain the reliable operation of the electrical grid. Historically, utilities and balancing authorities have relied on dispatchable generation to secure such services.  One of the most promising, but least proven, providers is electric energy storage technology (EES).  EES devices such as advanced batteries store and release electric energy on demand and are prized for their fidelity and rapid response functionality. While the high cost of EES has prevented deployment at a meaningful scale, the large-scale adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) presents a unique opportunity. Recent advancements in vehicle-to-grid and battery technologies, along with regulatory and market mechanisms, suggest that demand response-enabled networks of EVs may soon provide ancillary services at a competitive price. The purpose of this project is to analyze the ability of aggregated EVs to deliver ancillary services, while estimating the value of such an opportunity using logical assumptions.

April 14 – Author’s Forum Presents – Gloryland: A Conversation with Shelton Johnson and Kristen Hass

Hosted by the Institute for the Humanities. 5:30-7:30PM, Hatcher Graduate Library, 913 S. University Ave., Library Gallery, Room 100. Details

April 14 – Paul Portney/ Dean of the Eller College of Management

U of Arizona and former President of Resources for the Future.” The EPA & U.S. Environmental Policy: Three Serious Threats. Co-sponsored by the Graham and Erb Institutes.  4:30pm, Ford School, Annenberg Auditorium.  Details

April 13 – Greenbiz Webcast: “Top 5 Lessons for Building Sustainability Programs that Succeed”

Learn key trends and drivers to justify your business case for program investment. Details & Registration

April 13 – Erb Speaker Series / Dr. James Salo, Trucost


“Understanding & Managing Environmental Impacts.” 5-6:30 pm, R 1240. Free and open to the public. Light refreshments. Announcement

April 12 – LSA Water Series / Dean Rosina Bierbaum

“Climate Change and Water:  Too Much, Too Little, or Not at the Right Time.” 5:30 pm, Bert’s Study Lounge, Shapiro Library Building, 1st Floor Lobby. Details

April 11 – Joseph Sax/ ELPP Distinguished Lecture Series

An Environmental Agenda: The Task Before Us.” 7:30pm, 250 Hutchins Hall (reception to follow). Co-sponsored by the Erb Institute.