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March 2015

Mar 27 – SNRE Admitted Student Visit Day

SNRE – Various Locations

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Mar 25 – Jane Dutton / Erb Colloquium

Location: Ross, Wyly W0750

“A Workshop on Crafting a Research Identity”

Co-sponsored by: Ross Management & Organizations

Jane Dutton is the Robert L. Kahn Distinguished University Professor of Business Administration and Psychology, University of Michigan

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Mar 20 – Doing Sustainability Right – Applications of Integrated Sustainability Metrics / Sustainable Systems Forum

Dana Building, Room 1024

Seung-Jin Lee, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Sustainability and Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan – Flint

How do we define, measure, assess, and predict the life cycle environmental performance or condition, or more broadly, sustainability of a product, service or system? Life cycle approaches are often used to identify performance metrics and reduce environmental impacts, but often fail to integrate various impacts in reflecting the true measures of sustainability – the social, environmental and economic. In this seminar, the motivation and importance of using integrated metrics and indicators will be introduced along with existing examples utilized by various organizations. Several applications of integrated metrics will also be discussed, including fuel cell remanufacturing, zoological parks, waste management systems, transportation fuels and consumer products, to demonstrate the effectiveness of integrated metrics in providing information on the full product system. Recommendations on future work will also be addressed.

Mar 19 – The Quest for Just and Sustainable Communities: Why Equity Matters

Dana 1040, SNRE, 440 Church Street, Ann Arbor, MI

Robert D. Bullard is often described as the “father of environmental justice.” Professor Bullard received his Ph.D. degree from Iowa State University. He is the author of eighteen books that address sustainable development, environmental racism, urban land use, industrial facility siting, community reinvestment, housing, transportation, climate justice, emergency response, smart growth, and regional equity.  He has testified as an expert witness and served as a technical advisor on hundreds of civil rights lawsuits and public hearings over the past three decades. In 1990, he was the first environmental justice scholar to receive the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Conservation Achievement Award in Science for “Dumping in Dixie: Race, Class and Environmental Quality.”

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Mar 13-14 – Urban Development Now Symposium

8:30 am
University of Michigan Museum of Art

This event is free and open to the public.
Lunch is provided for registered guests.

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Mar 12 – Sustainable Systems / Sustainable Ann Arbor Series

Ann Arbor District Main Library, 343 South Fifth Ave.

Sustainable Systems, including an overview of city wet weather projects and community-led solutions to increased precipitation

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Mar 12 – Business and Society: Lessons Learned from Walmart’s Corporate Social Responsibility Journey / WDI Speaker Series

Ross, R1220
Reception immediately following

Free and open to the public

Beth Keck, Senior Director, Women’s Economic Empowerment, Walmart Stores, Inc.

With more than $470 billion in revenue, Walmart has an opportunity to use its scale for social good. Beth Keck, Senior Director for Women’s Economic Empowerment, will discuss key turning points in Walmart’s corporate social responsibility journey during the past decade; how the company has developed sustainability and women’s economic empowerment strategies and commitments commiserate with its size, and the role of partnerships with government, NGOs, academics and others in achieving results.

Mar 11 – Arthur Lupia / Erb Colloquium

Lupia, Arthur12:00-1:00pm
Location: Ross, Wyly W0770

Co-sponsored by: Ross Management & Organizations

“Our Own Worst Enemy: Using Science to Improve Science Communication”

Arthur Lupia is the Hal R. Varian Collegiate Professor of Political Science; Research Professor for the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan.

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February 2015

Feb 24 – The German Energiewende – Roadmap to Germany’s Energy System 2050

Room Change to: Ross School of Business, Blau Auditorium

This event is an exciting look at how Germany is transforming its energy system from fossil and nuclear to renewables dominance. The Energy Institute and the Erb Institute are welcoming Dr. Frank Behrendt, Chair for Energy Process Engineering and Conversion Technologies for Renewable Energies at the Berlin Institute of Technology (Technische Universität Berlin).

Free and open to the public

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Feb 20 – Non-Technical Barriers to Energy Storage Entering the Market / Sustainable Systems Forum

Dana Building, Room 1046

Ramteen Sioshansi, PhD
Associate Professor, Integrated Systems Engineering, Ohio State University

Non-Technical Barriers to Energy Storage Entering the Market

ABSTRACT: Recent developments, including the introduction of competitive wholesale markets for electricity services and greater use of renewables, have increased interest in energy storage. Despite these positive developments, energy storage deployment is still hampered by a number of market design, regulatory, and modeling issues. Electricity market design assumes that system assets fall under one of the traditional regulated or competitive paradigm, and cost recovery is determined based on this classification. This approach is not conducive to energy storage, which can provide services straddling these two classifications. Most models used within the electric power industry are not tailored to capture the unique capabilities and characteristics of storage.

Co-sponsored by: the Center for Sustainable Systems, School of Natural Resource & Environment, US-China Clean Energy Research Center – Clean Vehicle Consortium (CERC-CVC), and National Science Foundation Sustainable Energy Pathways (SEP)