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August 2016

Aug 14 – New Student Orientation (Day 1)


July 2016

July 7 – Ann Arbor | Erb Roadshow


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June 2016

June 20 – Finding Purpose Book Signing with Andy Hoffman

Literati Bookstore, 124 E. Washington, Ann Arbor

Erb Institute Faculty Member and Professor, Andy Hoffman will be at Literati for a book signing of his new book, Finding Purpose. The book is currently on Amazon’s hot new releases in Sustainable Business Development list.

June 1 – Washington D.C. | Erb Roadshow


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May 2016

May 12-13 – Ross Positive Business Conference

May 12-13
Ross School of Business

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April 2016

Apr 15 – Rob Klassen / Erb Colloquium

Location: Ross, R1210

Rob Klassen
Professor, Deans’ Office, Operations Management; Associate Dean, Faculty Development and Research, Ivey School of Business, Western University Canada

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Apr 7 – Looking to the Future: Ann Arbor in 2025 / Ann Arbor Sustainable Forums

Ann Arbor District Main Library, 343 South Fifth Avenue, Ann Arbor

Event details: Looking to the Future: Ann Arbor in 2025, including conversations about local challenges and solutions on Ann Arbor’s path to a more sustainable future.

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Apr 6 – Paul Slovic / Erb | SNRE Purpose to Impact Speaker

Time: 4:00pm
Location: Dana, 1028

Paul Slovic
Founder and President of Decision Research; Professor of Psychology, University of Oregon

“Numbers and Nerves: Confronting the Arithmetic of Compassion and the World’s Urgent Problems”

Abstract: A defining element of catastrophes is the magnitude of their harmful consequences. To help society to prevent or mitigate damage from catastrophes, immense effort and technological sophistication are employed to assess and communicate the size and scope of potential or actual losses. This assumes that people can understand the resulting numbers and act on them appropriately.

However, recent research casts doubt on this assumption. Large numbers have been found to lack meaning and to be underweighted in decisions unless they convey affect (feeling). We respond strongly to aid a single individual in need, but often ignore mass tragedies such as genocide or fail to take appropriate measures to reduce potential losses from risks such as climate change and natural disasters. As the numbers get larger we become insensitive; numbers fail to trigger the emotion or feeling necessary to motivate action. In some cases the numbers convey a false sense of inefficacy, demotivating us from doing the good we are capable of. Biases in decision making compound these problems, leading to actions that contradict our stated values toward protecting lives.

A failure to understand how our minds become insensitive to catastrophic losses of human life and environmental integrity, and a failure to act on this knowledge, may condemn us to continue as passive witnesses to a wide range of atrocities and disasters.

Apr 1 – Guy Holburn / Erb Colloquium

Time: TBD
Location: TBD

Guy Holburn
Associate Professor, Business Economics and Public Policy; Director, Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre; Suncor Chair in Energy Policy, Ivey Business School, Western University Canada

Co-Sponsor: Business Economics

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March 2016

March 30-31 – Managing Human Rights in Global Companies Workshop

Location: Ross School of Business

Presented in partnership with World Environment Center (WEC) and the Erb Institute