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Erb Students learn about Shared-X startup

September 14, 2015

12017562_10153714770823953_2272520971276510905_oOn Sunday, September 13th, Erb Students met with John Denniston (Erb SAC Member) and Tony Salas to learn more about their recently launched for-profit impact company called Shared-X. Topics of discussion included compelling arguments for business to take the lead on closing the agricultural yield gap and raising thousands out of poverty. Learn more about Shared-X


MBA’s with Sustainable Impact

September 3, 2015

Sky-MagazineThe Erb Institute was featured in September’s issue of Delta Sky Magazine for the dual degree MBA/MS program and it’s work to create a sustainable world through the power of business. Erb Managing Director, Terry Nelidov and Erb Student, Marianna Kerppola share how the Erb Institute is shifting business and student culture for careers in sustainable impact.

“Millennials, [Terry Nelidov] notes, crave work with purpose. They want more than just a job, they want to positively influence their world; they crave community at work and want to see a rapid and direct link between what they do and real social change. ‘It’s no longer enough for them to have a traditional MBA,’ says Nelidov. ‘They want an MBA with impact.’”

“In her final year, [Marianna Kerppola] plans to dive deeper into sectors outside of retail in her search for sustainable solutions to what she calls ‘the tough issues in business.’ ‘On paper, none of these things seems connected, but I’m not unique in the Erb program,’ she says. ‘We’re all extraordinarily curious and have a broad range of ideas about how we might make an impact in the world.’”

Read the full Delta Sky Magazine article (pdf) or read it online

A thoughtful conversation about the Pope’s Encyclical

July 10, 2015

Terry F. Yosie, President & CEO of the World Environment Center shares his thoughts on Pope Francis’ recent climate change Encyclical letter accompanied with responses from sustainability leaders including Erb Faculty Director, Andy Hoffman.

Read the GreenBiz article “A thoughtful conversation about the Pope’s Encyclical” (pdf) or read it online.

The Climate Change Debate and Pope Francis’ Encyclical

June 17, 2015

Erb Faculty Director Andy Hoffman says the Encyclical on climate change could be a ‘game changer’. Read more about this topic in recent The Conversation blog by Andy Hoffman and Erb student Jenna White titled “The pope as a messenger: making climate change a moral issue“.

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fulFill wins 2nd place at Startup Weekend Detroit

June 5, 2015

Erb students, Kristin Steiner and Mike Barg, and SNRE student Brittany Szczepanik are working as business partners to reduce product packaging from food and personal care products. Startup idea, fulFill, is working to reduce or even eliminate packaging waste from these products through a container refill delivery service – not unlike the 1940′s era milkman service.

Their idea is quickly taking off! Kristin and Brittany recently won 2nd place at the Startup Weekend Detroit for Social Enterprise.

Congratulations to Kristin and Brittany and the whole fulFill team on their recent accomplishment with their startup idea!

Erb student featured as top innovative female U-M student to watch in 2015

April 15, 2015

Erb student, Marianna Kerppola was featured as a top innovative female student at the University of Michigan to watch in 2015 for her startup, BetterHope. Read the featured blog “15 Innovative Female Students to Watch in 2015″ (pdf) or read it online.

Read more about Marianna Kerppola in her featured profile

Erb Faculty Director Interviewed by Bloomberg Radio

April 14, 2015

Erb Faculty Director, Andy Hoffman was interviewed by Kathleen Hays and Vonnie Quinn on Hays Advantage about “why people reject climate change” while speaking at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Conference on April 13, 2015. Listen to the interview on “Why People Reject Climate Change” (audio mp3)

Blog on the morality of climate change featured in New York Times

April 10, 2015

A blog written by Erb Faculty Director, Andy Hoffman and Erb Student, Jenna White was recommended by New York Times reporter, Andrew Revkin on the topic of climate change as a moral issue.

Read “The pope as messenger: making climate change a moral issue” on the Erb Perspective Blog or on The Conversation.

Read the New York Times article (pdf) or read it online.

California’s water restrictions and business sustainability

April 9, 2015

Erb Faculty Director, Andy Hoffman spoke on Marketplace NPR about the recent water restrictions in California and how markets could react to water saving toilets and faucets.

Listen to and read the article online or read the pdf.

U-M Fresh Fare wins 2nd place at Innovation in Action Competition

March 17, 2015

FreshFareCongratulations to Erb student Mikaela Rodkin and her U-M Fresh Fare student team members on winning 2nd place at the SPH Innovation in Action competition! Fresh Fare strives to increase access to healthy food through a transportation collaboration between grocery retailers and a rideshare program.

Read more about the competition and Fresh Fare (pdf) or online here.


October 2015

Oct 9 – Susan Kayser / Erb Colloquium

Location: Ross, R2220

Susan Kayser
Dow Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Erb Institute; Energy Institute, University of Michigan

Title: “The Cost of Corporate Social Responsibility after a Catastrophe”

Oct 15 – EAB Dinner

Time: 6:00-8:30pm
Location: Ross Executive Learning and Conference Center (Executive Residence), Dining Room

Open to Erb community members

Oct 16 – EAB Meeting

Time: 8:00-3:00pm
Location: Michigan League, Hussey Room

Open to Erb EAB members

Oct 19 – Erb Prospective Student Info Session

Room R1220, U-M Ross School of Business

Oct 23 – Dev Jennings / Erb Colloquium

Location: Dana, 2024

Dev Jennings
Academic Director, CCCSR: Winspear Professor of Business, University of Alberta

Title: “Institutional theory and the natural environment: Research in (and on) the Anthropocene”

Oct 27 – Panikos Georgallis / Erb Colloquium

Location: Ross, R2320

Panikos Georgallis
Dow Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Erb Institute; Energy Institute, University of Michigan

Title: “Shine on me: Industry coherence, social movement support, and government endorsement of the solar photovoltaic industry”

Oct 29 – Mark Tercek / Erb C-Suite

Time: 12:00-1:30pm
Location: Ross Colloquium (6th Floor)

Mark Tercek, President and CEO, The Nature Conservancy

Nature’s Fortune: why saving nature is the smartest investment you can make

Mark Tercek is President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy, the global conservation organization known for its intense focus on collaboration and getting things done for the benefit of people and nature. He is the author of the Washington Post and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling book Nature’s Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive by Investing in Nature.

Growing up as a city kid in Cleveland, Mark was a late-bloomer to conservation. It was becoming a parent that sparked his passion for nature. “I want to be able to look my kids in the eye,” he says, “and tell them I did all I could to leave the world a better place.”

A former managing director and Partner for Goldman Sachs, where he spent 24 years, Mark brings deep business experience to his role leading the Conservancy, which he joined in 2008. He is a champion of the idea of natural capital — valuing nature for its own sake as well as for the services it provides for people, such as clean air and water, productive soils and a stable climate. Read more about Mr. Tercek

November 2015

Nov 20 – Erb Prospective Student Info Session

Room R0230, U-M Ross School of Business

Nov 20 – Glen Dowell / Erb Colloquium

Location: Ross, R2320

Glen Dowell
Area Coordinator of Management and Organizations; Associate Professor of Management and Organizations, Johnson School of Business, Cornell University

Co-Sponsor: Ross Strategy

December 2015

Dec 4 – Katherine Burson / Erb Colloquium

Location: Ross, R2320

Katherine Burson
Associate Professor of Marketing, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

January 2016

Jan 19 – U-M Green Career Fair

Dana Building – Room TBD

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