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How can big corporations hit renewable energy targets?

November 21, 2014

Erb Faculty Director, Andy Hoffman,  is quoted in an  International Business Times story on the  renewable energy targets within large corporations from environmental groups. Read more about renewable energy targets within large corporations (pdf) or read it online.

Can more public engagement with faculty research create greater impact?

November 10, 2014

Erb Faculty Director, Andy Hoffman, would like to see more climate scientists engage in public outreach related to their research to help inform the public of their findings. Other universities such as Oregon State University and Northern Arizona University agree that efforts to engage faculty in more public engagement would be beneficial to both the faculty members and the universities.

Read more about faculty public outreach (pdf) or read more online.

Ross student team wins the GE Experienced Commercial Leadership Program Midwest Case Competition

November 10, 2014

GE-Case-Competition-PresentationOn Friday, November 7th, a Ross team consisting of first year Ross student Thiago Gdikian, and second year Erb students Nate Underwood, Pavel Azgaldov, and John Serron won the 2014 GE Experienced Commercial Leadership Program Midwest Case Competition. The case question asked teams to develop two new product innovations for any of GE’s lines of business and pitch these concepts to senior managers. The judges appreciated the potential of the team’s two concepts in the water and traffic management spaces to reduce driving deaths, fuel consumption, water use, electricity use, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Nate Underwood commented to on the team’s experience. “We really appreciated the chance to ideate on a very broad case question. It made the case much more challenging because we had to screen every potential concept against GE’s many products and services, but we enjoyed stretching our creativity and marketing abilities. This challenging ideation process put us a couple days behind schedule, but the team really came together last week to develop an excellent analysis, slide deck, and pitch. We are grateful to the Mendoza School of Business for hosting us, but we enjoyed scoring a victory for Michigan just a few hundred feet from the stadium where Michigan football was shut out this fall.”

The competition included teams from Indiana, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Ohio State University, and Wisconsin. The winning prize included $4000 and guaranteed Experienced Commercial Leadership Program internship interviews.

The Cultural Schism of Climate Change

October 27, 2014

"Climate Change?!" by Eric Wüstenhagen. Creative commons image via Flickr.

“Climate Change?!” by Eric Wüstenhagen. Creative commons image via Flickr.

The Cultural Schism of Climate Change: How science takes a back seat to identity politics in the U.S.

Erb Faculty Director, Andrew Hoffman, continues to inform the debate on climate change communication in this new Stanford University blog post. Read more about The Cultural Schism of Climate Change (pdf) or read it online.

Why Systems Thinking is the Next Step in Sustainability

October 23, 2014

Erb Faculty Director, Andy Hoffman unpacts his and John Ehrenfeld’s analysis of the fourth wave in the sustainability movement: Systems Thinking. Read more about Why Systems Thinking is the Next Step in Sustainability (pdf) or read it online.

Erb alum Nina Henning heading up innovative work in Ghana through SC Johnson

October 22, 2014

WOW-bundlebErb alumna Nina Henning is heading up innovative solutions to reduce the threat of malaria infections through SC Johnson’s WOW™ product bundle. The bundle is focuses on serving at-risk populations at the base of the pyramid (BoP).

Read more through Nina Henning’s blog (pdf) or read it online.

Read more about SC Johnson’s WOW™ concept (pdf) or read it online.

What’s in a word? Politics of “Climate Change”

October 22, 2014

New Radio Logo simple halfsizeAndy Hoffman, Faculty Director of the Erb Institute and John Flesher, Environmental Reporter from the Associated Press discuss the politics of climate change and how people, communities and companies are approaching the subject and it’s significance.

Listen to the Michigan Radio conversation with John Flesher and Andy Hoffman and read the recording summary

Clean Energy Ministerial Releases CEM5 Roundtables Report

October 7, 2014

New Report offers insights from clean energy stakeholders in Seoul Korea in May 2014. Erb Executive in Residence, Tom Catania participated as a moderator at the event.

Read the report on Public-Private Roundtables at the Fifth Clean Energy Ministerial (pdf) or read more about the report online.

Two Erb students featured in Poets & Quants article on the Ross School of Business and the Erb Institute

October 1, 2014

Kelsea Ballantyne and Joanna Herrmann (both Erb ’16) were featured in Poets & Quants on Ross’ positive impact on social and sustainable business education.

Read “Ross: Making an impact before it was cool” (pdf) or read it online.

Video from the Michigan Ross Nespresso MBA Challenge Finalists

September 29, 2014

Watch the Nespresso MBA Challenge finalist’s from Michigan Ross “ground truth” their winning Nespresso recommendations in Costa Rica. Special thanks to Terry Nelidov, Erb Institute Managing Director for advising the team and Emma Wendt, Erb Institute Student Affairs Manager for accompanying the team in Costa Rica. Read more about the winning team and the Nespresso MBA Challenge.



December 2014

Dec 6 – Erb Holiday Celebration

Ann Arbor Art Center

This event is open to Erb community members.

Dec 11 – Sara Soderstrom & Kate Heinze / Erb Colloquium

Room: TBD

Sara Soderstrom is an Assistant Professor at LSA, University of Michigan. Kate Heinze is an Assistant Professor Sports Management, University of Michigan.

Title: “City Revitalization from the Ground Up: The Case of a Local Food Collective in Detroit”

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January 2015

Jan 26 – Shelie Miller / Erb Colloquium

shelie_millerTime: TBA
Location: TBA

Shelie Miller is an Associate Professor at the U-M  School of Natural Resources and Environment

February 2015

Feb 2 – Carolyn Dimitri / Erb Colloquium

Time and location: TBD

Carolyn Dimitri
Associate Professor of Food Studies, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, New York University

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Feb 13 – Aron Cramer / Erb C-Suite Speaker Series

aron-cramerWEFAron Cramer is the President and CEO of BSR. Aron is an authority on corporate responsibility by leaders in business and NGOs. He advises senior executives at BSR’s 250 member companies and other global businesses, and is regularly featured as a speaker at major events and in a range of media outlets. Under his leadership, BSR has doubled its staff and significantly expanded its global presence. Aron is co-author of the book Sustainable Excellence: The Future of Business in a Fast-Changing World, about the corporate responsibility strategies that drive business success.

Time and Location: TBA

March 2015

Mar 11 – Arthur Lupia / Erb Colloquium

Lupia, ArthurTime and location: TBA

Arthur Lupia is the Hal R. Varian Collegiate Professor of Political Science; Research Professor for the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan

Mar 25 – Aaron McCright / Erb Colloquium

mccright-aTime and location: TBA

Aaron McCright Associate Professor of Sociology, Michigan State University

April 2015

Apr 6 – Andrew Szasz / Erb Colloquium

Time and location: TBD

Andrew Szasz
Professor and Chair of Environmental Studies, University of California – Santa Cruz

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May 2015